About WOA`s dissabilty access

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    29. September 2008
    I`m not sure where to post this, that why I`m doing it here:

    I`ve been a metal fan my whole life, and going to WOA has been in TO DO list for a while, but the thing is that I`m in a wheelchair and I`m planning to on 2009.

    So, since I would be travelling all the way from Costa Rica to Germany I would like to check if the organizarion has something planned as for disabled persons access, since that is crucial for someone like me to be safe and enjoy the show.

    Do you guys know how they handle the access? If there are ramps, restrooms, platforms or stages to enjoy the concerts safely?

    Thank you.
  2. Quark

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    19. Juli 2004
    (you could have better asked it in the "Talk" area)
    Yep. They do.
    There is a camping reserved for handicapped people. The only thing you need to do is make reservations at the beginning of next year (2009).

    There are also seperate toilets (as far as I can remember)
    And you are (under presentation of your disabillity card, or disabillity ID) allowed to have ONE guide for free with you in the festival itself. (and acces through the exit, with weelchairs)

    I'd recommend a wheelchair on "manual" power, not an electronic one.
  3. Kate McGee

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    13. August 2002
    If there's rain, you will possibly really need that guide to help you pushing the wheelchair through the mud. But now that they have drained the most important parts of the area, there's less problems with the mud.
    The view from the ramps is quite good, I've been there with a girl in a wheelchair some years ago.
    I also think there are special restrooms, but they must be a bit hard to find, as I've never seen one.

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