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    I have not been too active of late here for one major reason.
    Here in Oklahoma we have created a huge music festival called Rocklahoma that has still less than two months from it's first year has already exceeded every success that was dreamt of for it by leaps and bounds. It is a three day event that this year is from July 13-15th in Pryor, Oklahoma just 45 minutes away from me. Acts far and wide have shown intense interest as well as industry people from all over. Many musicians are simply showing up to attend, not play, as well. This event will easily draw within the 35,000-50,000 range as it is alredy closing in on that. along with great music features are: camping on 500 acres of camp grounds, merch of all types, food, beer and other forms of liquor which include free food and beer for those buying into the 3 day VIP package, giveaways, hotels within 10-30 minutes away for those not into camping, good transportation and in fact a free shuttle system is being considered.
    Now I know this year's event will not interest any, or many of you here on this board but next year's plans are already in effect and heaviere acts are being very seriously looked at: Megadeth, etc. The reason for this years lineup was to get bands that are well established guarenteed money draws to test the interest and not only has there been MASSIVE interest but many have and are asking for heavier acts next year and the demand is being paid attention too!
    If this year's line up does not scare you go and have a look at the boards and see the bands being considered and requested for next year. Jump in, suggest bands YOU want to see and make next years one you want to attend. all suggestions ARE seriously looked into! YOU have full ability to shape next year's event!
    On MySpace you can also go to Rocklahoma on MySpace!
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