A lot of bandrequests!

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    Impossible desires:

    MANOWAR (ok they have their festival and they want much money,but...)
    AC/DC (now or never...they are on tour and they are not so Young :D)
    HEAVEN AND HELL (another dream...the right band for the first night!!)
    METALLICA (mmm I have never seen them...)
    RAMMSTEIN (this would be a great hit for WOA!!!)
    DEMONS&WIZARDS (ok,they are not on tour since 1999 or 2000...it would be a miracle!!)

    "I wish they would be here...":

    ICED EARTH (2 years after,but with Matt this time....another story!!!)
    VOLBEAT (I missed them 2 years ago... :( )
    ELVENKING (do you know this great folkm metal band???)
    AMORPHIS (I want another great show...and this time bonfireless!!!!!)
    DOOMSWORD (one of the greatest epic doom band of these days)
    HAGGARD (and this time on a larger stage!!!)
    LAKE OF TEARS (please,i missed them in the 2006 to see Motorhead or Whitesnake....I love them...recall them!!!!)
    MOTORHEAD (20 years and not Lemmy with us??BLASPHEMY!!!!)
    LACRIMOSA (a touch of real gothic)

    At the moment I have not other wishes :D
    If I remember something I will write here...and I hope some of these bands will join us on the holy ground!!!!

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