3 Indonesien Underground Metal CDs usw

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    3 Indonesien Underground Metal CDs

    Die CDs sind ohne jewel case/CD-Hülle aber sind alles neuware.
    2CDs sind CD-Rs und nicht Fabrik-pressed CDs. Sie können in Internet checken dass die beiden CDs original von THT production nur in CD-Rs verkauft.

    KEKAL-Introduce Us to Immortality

    selten rare Alben!NEUWARE!
    The Indonesian masters of extreme music offer a mix of black metal, progressive rock, and even emo-core, propelled to new sonic heights of brutality by superior production values packaged with stunning artwork. Released in 2003 before the famous ´1000 Thoughts of Violence´ album, this album is rare. This is a compilation album celebrating the first 8 years of Progressions 1995-2003. This is a hard to find album ,originally pressed CD. Not a CD-R CD´s. A compilation from their black metal years to an avant garde modern time.

    Armageddon Holocaust - Radioactive Zone 245

    Full-length, THT Productions
    February 2003
    Black Metal
    Lyrical theme(s)
    Revelations, The Apocalypse
    Origin Formed in Current label Status
    Indonesia (Jakarta) 1999 THT productions! Active
    Current line-up
    Doctor D (2000-2004): Guitars, Drums and Vocals (Bealiah)
    Meister J (Jeffray Arwadi) (2003-2004): Guitars, Bass, Vocals (Kekal, Doctor D, Excision (Idn), Altera Enigma)
    Necrowild (2004): Guitars

    SELF KRUSHER Compilation - 5th Anniversary THT Prod. CD

    The artists presented here are the ones that have released one or more releases through THT Productions in various formats (full-length album/demo/e.p./split release) and by this compilation we would like to thank them for working together with the label during 1996 to 2001. Tracks featured in this compilation CD are previously released and unreleased. Feat.: KEKAL, DOCTOR D, EXCISION, MOURNPHAGY, CHC, ARMAGEDDON HOLOCAUST, GANGLIA, WORLDHATE, GETSEMANI, BEALIAH, INNER WARFARE, EMPIRECHRIO, UNEVIL HOPES. From black metal to death metal to grind to gothic to industrial to ambient noise. 16 Tracks from 13 bands. Total 55 minutes playing time.

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