2 W.O.A. 2012 "3 days ALL IN" Tickets on sale

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    01. Juli 2010
    I sell 2 tickets belonging to the X-mas package limited edition, bought in August 2011. Can't go to the festival this year.
    I can sell just one, if necessary.
    I can send it/those through DHL or similiar delivery services.
    There are just 9 days left, but I think it's still possible to let you have it/those despite the fact I'm in Italy.
    I sell it/those for 120 euros each. I can offer the delivery fees, that will include an insurance on the package to be sure you get it. What counts is that I recover at least a part of the money I spent. The idea of having these 2 tickets here unused, makes me sick!
    If interested contact me quickly at pallin73@hotmail,com, because there isn't much time left and I won't be sending it/those after Thursday, as there would be 0 chances for you to get it/those on time!

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