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    30. September 2012

    I need at least 1 (one) ticket for WOA 2013...

    The thing is: I was waiting for the confirmation of my exchange program to Germany and I only got it last week, and now no more tickets left... Please I really want to go and I'm going to be so close, it is very frustrating that I cannot go because of something else!

    If you can find me 2 (two) tickets it would be awesome, because I could take a friend...

    If you can only get me 1 ticket it's awesome as well, you're the best and I will love you and cherish you for eternity. You may also get a hug ;)

    By the way I'm a Portuguese girl, I don't know anything of German yet, however I will try to translate this message so that it can reach everyone. Write me back either in English or German please!

    Thank you in advance!

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