1 hour Bal Sagoth

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    16. Juni 2004
    How can a band who has been active for 11 years, released 5 studio albums (6th being recorded atm) ONLY get 30 minutes of playing time at the lousiest possible time of the day?
    The damn demo battle bands get only 5 minutes less!
    Its easy to see how all the noname german metal bands get way more playing time for less achievement.
    Dont even try to compare Bal Sagoth with bands like Mystic Prophecy, Mnemic, Orphanage who get as much as time.

    Before i saw this running order i was almost already on my way, but now im looking at the other german festivals, all alot better than this, but lacking Bal Sagoth. I have to question myself, is 30 minutes worth it to endure the rest of this festival?

    to sum it all up: i demand that Bal Sagoth gets 1 hour of playing time!

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