selling ticket

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  1. M

    1 ticket for sale

    Hi. Got one ticket for sale! I am from Canada, but can ship worldwide. Price is 220 euros + certified shipping to your place. Have a nice day !
  2. OBeile

    1 ticket for sell-north germany/post

    Hi there! I bought tickets for me and a friend last summer but because of work, my friend can't come. I have 1 ticket bought with METALIX to sell at the initial price 220€. We can meet around Hamburg/Wacken if needed or I can send it to you (sending cost to be discussed). Have a nice day!
  3. J

    Selling one 2019 ticket

    This ticket is already sold
  4. G

    Selling 1x All In Ticket - €200

    We are traveling from Ireland on Tuesday and will arrive at the festival on Tuesday afternoon. One of our group cannot make it, so we have one ticket to sell - €200 We will bring the ticket to the festival and can meet anybody there.
  5. L

    2 x 3 Day Passes for sale (2 x 160€) + 4 nights Honeycomb tent package (485€) [USA]

    I have 2 x 3 day passes I need to sell. I also have a Honeycomb tent package from July 31st - Aug 4. I will sell the tickets separately from the tent package. I can't paste a link to the honeycomb tent package because of forum restrictions, but if you google "Heavenly Tent Package at Wacken...
  6. P

    3days all-in Ticket incl. T-Shirt 2018 for sale (Bavaria)

    Selling my 3days all-in-Ticket incl. T-Shirt 2018 for 200,€. Best to sell personaly here in Bayaria, Region Nürnberg.
  7. CarlosCastilla

    3-day "ALL IN" ticket for 150€ in France (I can ship it for free)

    Hello, Unfortunately, I have to sell my 3-day ticket. I really need the money so I offer it for 170€. I'm located in France, but if you're from other country, I can ship it. I hope there is somebody interested!
  8. KuchenCat


    Hi, Due to a recent job change, I'm unable to attend Wacken this year. Selling 2 tickets for 300 € without shipping fees or you can pick them up in Luxembourg City. Please contact me for more information.
  9. Francisco Gonzalez

    3-Days "ALL IN" Ticket W:O:A 2018 - 170 - SOLD

    Hello everyone. 2 All-IN 3 days tickets available for WACKEN 2018. 170 euros each or 340 both I´ll take care of the shipping costs + insurance. Any questions please ask Thank you! Francisco
  10. K

    2x 3 days all in tickets for sale 350€

    Hi Metallers, due to personal reasons I can't attend wacken this year. I am selling 2x 3 days all in tickets for 350€ + ensured shipping. For further information please write me a pm or comment in this post. Greetings Philipp :)
  11. L

    3 Day Ticket für 210€ abzugeben

    Da ich keinen Urlaub bekommen habe, muss ich leider meine Wacken Karte verkaufen. Verkaufe die Karte zum Originalpreis von 210€, im Raum Stuttgart/Ludwigsburg kann die Karte gerne persönlich übergeben werden, sonst ist Versand auch möglich.
  12. c1rlos

    3 x Wacken Open Air Ticket to sell !!

    Hello everyone, unfortunately my brothers and me can not attend this year, so we are selling 3 tickets for 170€ each.
  13. J

    Wacken all inclusive Ticket

    Mein Ticket ist verkauft! Ich schaffe es nur leider nicht, meinen Beitrag zu entfernen, deswegen muss ich diesen geistreichen Text hier einfügen.
  14. S

    For sale: 2 x 3-Days "ALL IN" Ticket W:O:A 2016

    Hi you all, dear Wacken Metalheads!! Unfortunately, me and my brother will be unable to attend this year Wacken edition due to a change in our job holidays :'(. So, we are forced to sell our beautiful Wacken tickets. 2 brand new tickets, with all the advantages that they offer, which will grant...
  15. S

    2 TICKETS for Sell

    Hello, Due to unfortunate conditions I had to cancel this year's visit to Wacken. I Have 2 Tickets. Of course it will be sold to to original price that I have bought + shipment cost. 3-Days "ALL IN" Ticket W:O:A 2016 - 04.08.2016, Wacken 190,00 € - Normalpreis Contact me if you...
  16. L

    Selling 3 Tickets for Wacken (sell separetelly as well)

    Hello Wacken bros, We are three friends that sadly had to change our plans so we're not going this year so we're selling our three 3-days all-in tickets, of course only for the regular price each one of them. We don't really care if we sell them separatelly or all toghether. Just PM...