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  1. T

    Sell 1 Wacken pass

    Unfortunately have to sell one Wacken hard pass at price. From the United States. Let me know if interested.
  2. K

    1x WOA Ticket €220- Pickup

    Selling 1 ticket € 220 via PayPal and shipping. Ships to Wacken postal office can be picked up whenever you arrive at the festival. Ships from Arizona or local meet. Rock on !! :)
  3. K

    1 WOA Ticket for Sale €220

    Selling 1 Wacken ticket € 220 via PayPal plus shipping to nearest Wacken postal office so you may pickup day of festival. Priority shipping from Arizona, so let me know if you're interested! Thanks
  4. OBeile

    1 ticket for sell-north germany/post

    Hi there! I bought tickets for me and a friend last summer but because of work, my friend can't come. I have 1 ticket bought with METALIX to sell at the initial price 220€. We can meet around Hamburg/Wacken if needed or I can send it to you (sending cost to be discussed). Have a nice day!
  5. M

    Selling 1 combi ticket (Brussels)

    Hey all! Unfortunately due to business trip on Wacken days I have to sell my ticket :( I've booked Ontours bus package from and to Brussel for 344 EUR. Tickets are being given in the bus, so you only have to be in Brussels to take a journey. Bus leaves on 30.07 at 23:00 and returns on 4.08 in...
  6. Jevi

    For sale: 3 day all access ticket-160€ (Madrid)-SOLD

    Due to unexpected circumstances I've got to sell 1 ticket. I can hand deliver the ticket in Madrid and surroundings. For further information please contact me through PM. Thanks in advance.