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  1. SlimmJimm

    1 x Hard Ticket + Kaufland token for sale - Australia

    Hey people, I have a hard ticket with the Kaufland token for sale. 239 Euros + international shipping from Australia. Was really keen to hit this festival up, but as you might have guessed, coronavirus has different plans for us international attendees.
  2. Vanessa Oz

    1 x Hard ticket for sale - Australia

    My friend is no longer able to attend so I have a spare ticket 1x Hard Ticket (including trolley token) AUD $ 400 plus postage $ 5.40 registered post in Australia or approx $ 30 international tracked letter note: today 22.03.20 exchange rate Euro 239 Euro is $450 Aud
  3. H

    Selling 1 hard ticket from Brisbane, Australia

    Hello, Due to unforeseen circumstances, I have to cell my ticket. I would prefer Australian buyers. If you are interested, let me know and I can provide the proof of purchase and email address that you can contact me through. I purchased it last year for $470 AU , but I will let it go for...
  4. PhillipM

    2 Tickets to sell in Australia

    Due to unforeseen circumstances my partner and I can not make this year and I have 2, 3 day passes 220 Euros each. They can be picked up in Delft, and I can take payment via paypal
  5. J

    Search: Need 1 WOA 2019 ticket - Australia

    Seeking a ticket to this glorious festival ASAP! Would like to purchase from an Australian seller to keep costs down, but I will settle for a ticket from elsewhere. Proof of purchase and all that would be great to ensure it's legitimate. Cheers!
  6. Jens Delay

    Copia (AUS)

    Australische Metalcore Band, welche gefühlt seit 5 jahren jedes Festival in Deutschland mit Fansupport besucht und versucht ihre Musik zu plaztzieren. Ich habe sie mir in Hamburg im Logo angeguckt, nachdem sie mich und meine Leute im Dorf mit ihrer Musik konfrontiert haben. ich denke, dieser...
  7. B

    Accommodation for W:O:A 2015

    Hello, I am from Australia and I am going to W:O:A 2015. I'm looking for somewhere to stay (all the places I've looked at are booked out). Can anyone help me out? Babylonne
  8. warpiglet

    Any Australians going to Wacken 2011

    Hey there :D My name is Mykal (or Warpiglet whichever you choose to throw around) and 2011 will be my first ever Wacken: Open Air! I'm flying all the way over from Australia, to see Blind Guardian (I don't even mind if the rest of the lineup is horrible, BG are my all time favourites <3) and I...
  9. O

    Rihanna from Australia

    Hey, i'm pit from Germany and searchin' for a girl named Rihanna that "fought" with me in the mud pit while Soilwork played. Some people take photos of us in the mud pit and on the way to the showers (we walked for about an hour or longer ;)) i lost you after i came out of the shower. If...