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    Helle metalheads,

    Today we have a huge news regarding the travel to Wacken.

    Certainly a lot of you are already busy with planning your trip to the upcoming 24th Wacken Open Air. On this occasion we want to refer again on our Travel Portal which is enthusiastically used since it´s launch....

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    Travel help!


    Went to book a Metal Bus from Hamburg for about 6ish but they have sold out. If there is anyone flying from the UK and are getting to Hamburg for about 5ish and are thinking about getting a taxi to the festival could anyone save two seats? I'm looking at trains but because I'm autistic I get confused and stressed easily so I'm afraid about us getting lost. Usually I'm with a group of people doing this but this year it'll be me and my other half (It's his first Wacken this year).

    Would be a massive help, money would be given of course. Many thanks!
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    11. August 2011

    Hey, taking the train to Wacken is not so tough, and does not take very long from Hamburg. Almost everybody on the train has the same destination, not much room for confusion. From that destination you would have to take a bus shuttle for 8 euros. The downside is that you have to switch trains at Hamburg main station, which can even get confusing without autism. You can also probably get support with that at the train station, since autism should be considered a handicap, but I am not exactly sure about that, so you should try to call the Bahn about that, just to be sure.

    Or try this:

    All the best luck!

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