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W:O:A Metalhead
15 Aug. 2006
CD's, je 3 Euro:

Sacrifice at the Altar of the Satanic Blood Angel - A Tribut to VON
Aahas / Luciferi Excelsi
Ad Vitam Aeternam - Abstract Senses
Aeternus - Ascension of Terror
Aeternus - Shadows of Old
Alkemyst - Meeting in the Mist
Almighty Sathanas / Blasphemophager / Tyrants Blood
Amok Vedar - Seelenfriede
Amon - Shemhamforash
Angst - In Hoc Signo Vinces
Anvil - Plugged in Permanent LTD. Digipack
Anvil of Doom - Deathillusion
Arcane Grail - Mysteries Of The Ancient Charnel
Arcanta - A Fools Cry
Archaean Harmony - Nihility Mundane Soul
Arenaris - Suicide
Arkenstone - Arkenstone
Ars Manifestia - The Enchanting Dark's Arrival
Art Inferno - Abyssus Abyssum
Aryadeva - Kshatra
As All Die - Victory
As Light Dies - A Step Through the Reflection
Asrai - Touch in the Dark
Athos - The Awakening Of Athos
Auberon - The Tale Of Black
Avenger - Fall of Devotion, Wrath and Blasphemy
Avenger - Godless
Aztec - Loss of our Final Pride
Bad Religion - Stranger than Fiction (Black Case)
Balberith / Kratornas - South East Goatworship
Barastir - Battlehymns of Hate
Belef - Infection Purification
Beyond the Sixth Seal - A Homicide Divine
Black Dementia - Hyperborean Call
Blood Storm - Sirian Storm
Bloody Blasphemy - Black Spells
Bloodhammer - The Passion of the Devil
Bloodthorn - Genocide
Bloodthrone - Storms of Apocalypse
Buio Omega - Pandemonium Unleashed
Buio Omega - Thy Dark Conquest
Burial Hordes - War, Revenge & Total Annihilation
Cadacross - Corona Borealis
Cadaverous Condition - The Lesser Travelled Seas
Calvarium Funestus - Opus Domine Satanus
Cancer - Corporation$
Candle Serenade - Nosferatus Passion
Canis Lupus - Tales of Woghur
Catamenia - Halls of Frozen North
Cemetary - Phantasma (Eingeschweisst !)
Cemetary - Sundown
Cerebrocide - Delusion
Chain Collector - The Masquerade
Channel Zero - Unsafe
Charnel Valley - The Dark Archives
Christ Agony - Elysium
Christ Agony - Trilogy
Church Bizzare - Extra Life
Condemned Cell - Shadows of the Past
Crack Up - Dead End Run
Crack Up - Heads will Roll
Cradle of Filth – Babalon A.D.
Cradle of Filth - Bitter Suites to Succubi
Cradle of Filth - Damnation and a Day
Crionics - Armageddon's Evolution
Cryfemal - Perpetua Funebre Gloria
Curse - Cursed by thy Name
Damnation Army - The Art of the Occult
Dark at Dawn - Crimson Frost
Dark Legions - Satanic Destroyer
Dark Messiah - Immortal Battlefield
Dark Domination - Rebellion 666
Darken - Arcane XIII
Darkside - Melancholia of a Dying World (FIRST PRESS !) Eingeschweisst
Darzamat - Oniriad
Dead Emotions - Gates to the Unseen
Dead Emotions - The Genesis Behind
Demoncy - Empire Of The Fallen Angel
Demonic Resurrection - A Darkness Descends
Deteriorot - In Ancient Beliefs
Devastator - Conjuring Evil
Devilish Impressions - Plurima Mortis Imago
Devlin - Grand Death Opening
Dimentianon - Seven Suicides
Diluvium - Aurora
Divine Souls - The Bitter Selfcaged Man
Dunkelgrafen - Im Schatten der Ewigkeit
Dying Passion - Secretly
Elegeion - The Last Moment
Elysium - Dreamlands
Embracing - I Bear the Burden of Time
Embraze - Endless Journey Ltd. Digipack
Enshadowed - Messengers Of The Darkest Dawn
Epuration Satanique - Omnia Vanitas
Eternal Pain - In Pain we Trust...
Eternal Sin - Christ's False Torments
Ever Dark - Armageddon's Birth
EvenSong - Of Man's First Disobedience (Expulsion from the Divine Abode)
Ewige Widerkehr - Heldenschicksal
Exclipse - Dorsacharm's Venomous Colours
Exekrator - Ordo Bestiae
Extinction - Down Below The Fog
Failed Humanity - The Sound of Razors Through Flesh
Ferox - Prepare For War
Fiend - Freezing Funeral Serenades
Final Breath - Mind Explosion
Frost Like Ashes - Tophet
Funebris - Triumph of the Everlasting Fire
Funeral Feast - Genocide ad Nauseam
Gardens of Gehenna - Dead Body Music
Giants Causeway - Destination: Insecure Ltd. Digipack
Gods of Goats - A Tribute to Venom
Grimnismal - Grimnismal / Asablot-The Pagan Survival
Grom - We Are True We Are Hate
Hand of Fate - Tworz Norz
Heidenreich - A Death Gate Cycle
Helloween - The Time of the Oath
Hellveto / Phorcys / Forestdome Split
Hills of Sefiroth - The Neglected Ancestry
Hortus Animae - Waltzing Mephisto
Huginn - Back from the Old Hills
Impious Havoc - At The Ruins Of The Holy Kingdom
Impious Havoc - Manifestations of Plague and War
Impious Havoc - Monuments Of Suffering
Impious Havoc - The Great Day Of Wrath
In Deum Maledicus - Acies
In Disgrace - ...Before After
In Memoriam - Through the Tides
Karsten Hamre - Broken Whispers
Korgull The Exterminator / Morbid Yell - Split
Krabathor - Unfortunately Dead
Krig - Throne Of Majesty Thriumph
Kruk - Drowned in a SwampHeart of Evrope
Kult ov Azazel - Triumph of Fire
Light? - Mirrors
Lorn - Towards the Abyss of Disease
Lost in Misery - Carousel of Memories Ltd. Digipack
Lost Life / Infestus
Lucifugum - Instinct Prevalence
Lugburz - Behind the Gates of Black Abyss
Lunaris - ...The Infinite
Lunaris - Cyclic
Lungorthin - Morgrom
Maledictive Pigs - Bloodshed
Manngard - Circling Buzzards
Mathyr - Mathyr Ltd. Digipack
May Result - Tmina
Melanoia - In Darkness or in Light
Melkor - Echoes of Solitude
Merciless Crucifixion - Airesis
Midnight Scream - The Evil Her
Mighty D. - The Last Rise
Mike G. - The Black Gibson Soundtrack
Morbid Silence - Dark Labyrinth
Mort - Godless Dominion
Mort - The Denial Of Christ
Mortal Decay - Incarnated Souls Rebirth
Mortal Intention - Beflecket Fleisch
Mortal Intention - Sic Luceat Lux
Mortifilia - Redemption
Mortus - Exploring New Horizons
Mutant - The Aeonic Majesty
Myriads - In Spheres Without Time
Myrk - Icons Of The Dark
Mystifier - The World is so Good...
Natron - Negative Prevails Ltd. Digipack
Nekrokaos - Chaos II
Nemesis Throne - Garden of Hate
Nightrage - Sweet Vengeance (Eingeschweisst !)
Nirvana - In Utero
Noctuary - When Fires Breed Blood
Nordicwinter - Threnody
November 17 - Defy Everything
Odor Mortis - Spasi i Otsosi
On Thorns I Lay - Angeldust
Ordo Draconis - The Wing & the Burden
Otargos - Codex 666
Paradox - Collision Course
Paralysis - Architecture of the Imagination
Perpetual - Ad Perpetuam Rei Memoriam
Perverse Monastyr - Perverse Monastyr
Pestis - Bollwerk des Hasses
Possession - Storm of Hateness
Postmortem - Screams of Blackness
Primitive Graven Image - Traversing The Awesome Night
Procer Veneficus - Ghostvoices
Profance Existence - Promo 2002
Profundis - Nokturn
Poison the Well - Distance makes the Heart Grow Fonder
Poison the Well - The Opposite of December
Psilocybe Larvae - Agony
Qruihuk - Triumph of the Glorious Blasphemy
Raa Hoor Khuit - Passage Through Sephiors
Regnator / Northdark - When the Plague Reigns
Reign of Erebus - Humanracist
Reign of Erebus - Inversion Principle
Reign of Erebus - Of Blackest Magick...
Reliquary - Winter World
Risk - Dirty Surfaces
Sacred Steel - Slaughter Prophecy Ltd. Digipack
Sacreligious Torment - Burning Winds
Sacrificia Mortuorum - Les Vents de l'Oubli
Sadistic Grimness - Vicious Torture
Salacious Gods - Askengris
Salacious Gods - Piene
Sanctimonious Order - ...and Still the Battle Rages on Eingeschweisst !
Sanctimonious Order - Thy Kingdom Eingeschweisst !
Sanctimony - Eternal Suffering
Sanctus - Aeon Sky
Sanity - Nocturnal Poems
Sanity - Sinister Reflections
Saruman - Ride On The Darkside (Eingeschweisst !)
Satanic Slaughter - Afterlife Kingdom (Eingeschweisst !)
Satariel - Lady Lust Lilith (Eingeschweisst !)
Scheitan - Nemesis
Sculpture - Sculpture
Scum - Purple Dreams And Magic Poems
Seasons in Black - Deadtime Stories Eingeschweisst !
Seirim - Kill War Chaos
Septic Cemetery - Shattered
Sepultura - Territory
Seth - Divine X
Shadowbreed - Only Shadows Remain (Eingeschweisst !)
Shadowbreed - The Light Of The Shadow
Shining of Kliffoth - Suicide Kings
Sieghetnar - Todessehnsucht
Signs of Darkness - Beyond the Autumn Leaves
Signs of Darkness - The 17th Floor
Sin Origin - In the Presence of a Dread Magician
Sinful - Omyt
Sindecade - Terrorcrowned
Skullfuck - The Supreme Ugliness
Skyfire - Timeless Departure
Solar Dawn - Equinoctium
Solekahn - The Great Divider
Sorath - Gnosis
Sorath - Omnes Dii Gentium Daemonia
Soul Reaper - Written in Blood
Soulsearch - Abred vs Annwn
Source of Tide - Blueprints
Spetälsk - Perverted Commandment
SSORC - Infidel Eternal
Sternenstaub - Destination Infinity
Stone to Flesh - Some Wounds Bleed Forever
Suffering Souls - Twilight Ripping Souls Apart
Summers End - Summers End
Summoner - Winter Solstice
Sunseth Sphere - Storm Before Silence
Tangorodream - Twilight Before Sunrise
Target Dictator - Target Dictator
Tartharia - A Secret Device
Taste of Fear - Taste of Fear
Theatre of the Macabre - A Paradise in Flesh & Blood
The Amenta - Mictlan
The Black League - Ichor
The Bloodline - Opium Hearts
The Damnation - Into the Pits of Hell
The Dark Beyond Conception - In Growing Decadence
The Dead Beginners - Sinners' Rebellion
The Embraced - In My Dreams...I Am Armageddon
The Equinox ov the Gods - Where Angels Dare Not Tread
The Everdawn - Poems Burn the Past
The Zephyr - Fake Measured Smile
Thy Winter Kingdom - Opus II - Innerspectrum
Themgoroth - Highway into the Unknown
Thromdarr - NorthStorm Arrives
Throned - There where the Moon Rises
Thunderstone Ltd. Digipack
Thy Nemesis - Forgotten Dreadful Legends
To/Die/For - All Eternity
Twilight Is Mine - When the Twilight Covers the World
Twilight Ophera - Midnight Horror
Tyrant Eyes - Book of Souls
Udainsakr - Udainsakr
Underlord - Rise of the Ancient Kings
V/A - In the Name of Satan
V/A - Pure Devotion (with Hyperhead, Murder Inc. etc.)
V/A - Soul Rape (with Fetish 69, Pungent Stench etc.)


W:O:A Metalhead
15 Aug. 2006
CD's, je 5 Euro:

Agmen - Damnation
Algaion - General Enmity
Angmar - The Razorblade Redemption
Ashes You Leave - Desperate Existence
Autumn Tears - Eclipse
Azahel's Fortress - Secrets Of The Forest
Bann - Antiochia
Beseech - ...from a Bleeding Heart
Black Death Ritual - Profound Echoes Of The End
Black Flame - Conquering Purity
Black God - The End of Christian Utopia
Buio Omega - Thy Dark Conquest
Caliban - The Awakening
Caliban - The Undying Darkness
Centinex - Reflections
Crom - Fallen Beauty (Eingeschweisst !)
Cryogenic -Parsifal 21 Ltd. Digipack
Dantalion - Call of the Broken Souls
Dantalion - When the Ravens Fly Over Me
Daemonlord - Hellfire Centuries
Daemonlord - Of War and Hate
December Moon - Source of Origin
Deteriorot - In Ancient Beliefs
Devilish - Possession Ltd. Digipack
Devilish Impressions - Diabolicanos
Diabolique - Wedding the Grotesque / The Black Flower
Disiplin - Disiplin
Dunkelstorm - Schicksal
Dusk - The Darksoul's Scream
Dusken - Hateful
End of Days - Dedicated to the Extreme
Enthroning Silence - Unnamed Quintessence of Grimness
Evemaster - Lacrimae Mundi
Eviscerated - Gorging on Rotting Entrails
Floatsam and Jetsam - Dreams of Death
Frostmoon Eclipse - Dead and Forever Gone
Gamma Ray - Skeletons in the Closet 2CD
Gnostic - Evoking The Demon
Goddass - My Beautiful Sin
Golgotha - Melancholy / Elemental Changes / The Way of Confusion 2CD
Gräfenstein - Death Born
Graven - Perished and Forgotten
Haatstrijd - Cacodaemony
Hellfire - Into Fire
Hellvetic Frost - Misanthropic Devotion
Hermh - Eden`s Fire Ltd. Digipack
Infernal Legion - Sculptured Humans
Judas Iscariot - Under the Black Sun
Kawir - Arai
Lotus Circle - Bottomless
Maleficentia - Under the Banner of Suffering Ltd. Digipack
Maleficum Orgia - Maleficum Orgia
Maniac Butcher - Epitaph
May Result - Gorgeous Symphonies of Evil
Membaris - Into Nevermore
Misvita - Misanthropic Aura
Monastyr - Never Dreaming
Morgart - Die Schlacht
Morgoth - The Eternal Fall/ Resurrection Absurd
Mortification - Hammer Of God
Mundanus Imperium - The Spectral Spheres Coronation
Nargaroth - Raluska Part II
Nemetona - Untergang (Eingeschweisst !)
Nightwish - Tales from the Elvenpath (with Extra Special Slipcase !)
Nightwish - Wishmaster
Obituary - World Demise
Odium Immortalis - Die Schönheit der Einsamkeit
Old Man's Child - The Pagan Prosperity
Profanatica - Profanatitas De Domonatia
Realm of Carnivora - Verised Reload
Reincarnation - Seed of Hate / Void
Runemagick - Resurrection in Blood
Seasons in Black - Deadtime Stories
Severance - What Lies Ahead
Sezarbil - The Unknown Empire
Shadows Land - Ante Christum (Natum) 2CD
Six Feet Under - Alive and Dead
Skyclad - The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea
Sodom - In the Sign of Evil / Obsessed by Cruelty
Somnium Mortuum - Eternal Sleep
Steel Prophet - Beware CD + DVD (Eingeschweisst !)
Surrender of Divinity - Oriental Hell Rhythmics
Szron / Kriegsmaschine
Tartaros - The Red Jewel
The Ancient's Rebirth - Drain The Portal In Blood
The Gathering - Almost a Dance
The Heretic - Gospel Songs in E Minor
Thy Serpent - Christcrusher
Thornspawn - Blood Of The Holy, Taint Thy Steel
Torturium - Misanthropic Angels Burning Winds
Ulvhedin - Pagan Manifest
Unholy Archangel - The Wrath of Kosmosistis
Unlight - Inferno
Vemoth - Köttkroksvals
Vidsyn - On Frostbitten Path Beneath
Warhammer - Towards the Chapter of Chaos
Winter of Sin - Woest
Witchery - Symphony for the Devil


Clandestine Blaze Split CD 7 Euro
Emperor - In the Nightside of Eclipse (First Press !) 9 Euro
Havohej - Dethrone the Son of God 7 Euro
Mangled Torsos - Godless 7 Euro
Mystifier - Göetia & Wicca DIGIBOOK (Eingeschweisst !) 10 Euro
Necromessiah - Antiklerical Terroristik Death Squad Ltd. Digipack (Eingeschweisst !) 8 Euro
Necroplasma - Gospels of Antichristian Terror 7 Euro
Profanatica - The Enemy of Virtue 2CD 8 Euro
Spetälsk - Spetälsk 7 Euro
Throneum - Deathmass of the Gravedancer 7 Euro


Eternity - Funeral Mass Ltd. Digipack in Bag + Poster Ltd. 100 20 Euro
Fester - Silence (FIRST PRESS !) 9 Euro
Lunar Aurora - Ars Moriendi (FIRST PRESS !) 10 Euro
Marduk - Dark Endless 20 Euro
Marduk - Those of the Unlight (FIRST PRESS !) 25 Euro
Mayhem - In Memorium 20 Euro
Nortt - Galgenfrist 35 Euro (White Vinyl in gatefold cover, with patch and poster ! limited to 100 !) (PM mit Gebot oder gutes Tauschangebot !)
Satyricon - My Skin is Cold CD+EP (Eingeschweisst !) 35 Euro
Thy Majesty - German Black Metal Art 10 Euro


Excidium - Infecting the Graves EP 2 Euro
Inner Thought - Disorder of Battles EP 2 Euro
Nifelheim - Envoy of Lucifer LP NEU 12 Euro

Tapes, je 2 Euro:

Antihuman - Overfiend
Archaen Harmony
Augur - Custodia
Berith - Demo 99
Bog-Morok - Here is Buried my Heart
Clangforge - Poetic Licence
Confiteor - Agony of Future
Daybreak - Sentenced to Suffering
Dismal - My Beautiful Empire
Dusk - Awakening
Ember - Chapter II
Endart - De Profundis
Ensis et Carnis
Exul - The Unveil of the Darkest Arts
Forever Winter - Let Your Arrows Fly
Frostmoon Exlipse - Cold Silvery Eye
Gernoth - Damnation Introitus
Gomorrha - Ready to Kill
Great Horn
Hellvetic Frost - Cold Grim Evil
Inferno - Peklo na Zemi
Inward Path - Citadel
Kharon - The Fullmoon Curse
Kryogh - My Throne
Macbeth - Nocturnal Embrace
Mind Eclipse - In the Light of Eclipse Coming
Mortifer - Running out of Time
My Infinite Kingdom -Ecstasies over Dreaming Lady
Netherealm / Seraph
Nightsky Bequest - Keep the Lonely Tress
Obscuridad - The Dark Count Under the Black Moon
Obscurus - Demo 98
Rossomahaar - Grotesque
Sanctimony - When the Sun was God
Suffering Souls - When Silence Cries Eternity
The Apocalyptic Faces - Songs from the Engine House
Triumphator - QRGMIS
Uncrossed - Liquid Air
Valle Crucis - A Garden of Verses
Vow Dreams - Story of a Ghost
Winterblut - Asche Gottes
Witchcraft - On the Path of Fogs
Wolfshade - Sun of the Sleepless
----- oder alle Tapes für NUR 55 Euro inkl. PAKETVERSAND !


Penitent - The Shortmovies 2 Euro