TRUE METAL STAGE - View of Stage Problem

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    13. August 2003

    2003 was my first time at Wacken as well as other festivals in Europe that I attended. Overall for me, Wacken was the best festival easily owing to the great atmosphere and excellent organisation.

    My only concern is the True Metal Stage loction and the gradient of the ground where the crowd views the bands. The ground slopes away from this stage in a downward direction, making it very hard for a large number of people to get a good view of the stage unless you are in the first 2-3 rows or standing a good distance back near the sound/light tower or way across to the side.

    Also, there are ridges and ditches running down the field. In one place you could be standing with a good view and if you move just one or two metres away you could be standing in a hole with no view at all.

    I realise it is a big call, but can anything be done to improve this problem??

    Anyway, thanks for a most amazing and memorable weekend!!

    Sydney, Australia
  2. Wacken-Holger

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    24. November 2001
    thanx too....the problem is that the ground under the truemetalstage is higher as the ground from the blackstage
    and all is one system - so is the stagefront at the blackstage higher and better for all

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