To all the Mexican People:

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    28. November 2001
    Hello I'm fliying with a girlfriend to your country the 17th of september and I'll going to stay there for 4-6 weeks.
    I want to meet some of you crazy-Mexican-Metal-people... until yet Rosk and the guys from Rottenness have given me their adress and their number, but I still want more *gg*.:D:D:D

    So if somebody is interessting in drinking a beer or something else with me/us, then please write it here or write an Email direct to me:

    Once again, I'm sorry Evenfiel that I can't come to you, but the flight is much to expensive......!!! :(:(:(:(:(

    I looking forward hearing from some of you....

    let's keep the Metal alive AND

    Lets GRIND the planet...

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