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    15. Januar 2002
    ...I thought I would place this statement here for anyone interested anyway!

    The first release of Desolate Landscapes has been confirmed! We are proud to announce that we will release Haat's debut album "Recidivus in Obscurum" in a limited cd format. The release date has been set for Spetember/October 2002.

    "Recidivus in Obscurum" features over 45 minutes of harsh primitive black metal in the vein of Ildjarn and Burzum. The album also contains four tracks of disturbing ambient soundscapes adding further to the atmosphere of this album.

    As a exclusive bonus, the cd version will include a VON cover version (Christ Fire). It will be released on lp by Paniac records (Belgium) and on cassette lp by Black Abyss Productions (Netherlands)

    Desolate Landscapes is also close to confirming two other future releases. However, we are currently looking for other bands curently seeking a label to release material in 2003.

    More information on the official release date and future releases will follow at a later date.

  2. Lvsitanno

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    22. März 2002
    Sounds good!

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