The thread for old campers, but also new campers! What to take to Wacken!

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Der Beste
19 Juli 2004
Best, Nederland. Jetzt Belgien
Every time, the same thing, what to bring, what not to bring.
So... I decided to steal an idea, and make a list of my own, of what to take to Wacken.
This list is NOT complete!

- YOUR TICKET!!!!!!!!!!!! Otherwise you made the trip for the Dutch bloke called Jan met de korte achternaam, aka nothing.
- A TENT: Exception, if you use the "my tent is there" service.
(small advice, if you buy a pop up tent, practice the refolding of the thing. :ugly: ) Otherwise, I'd not recommend sleeping in the open air. But you could also try to seduce someone to lend you a place. Did that in Dynamo 1994, worked. ;):)
- SLEEPING BAG! Preferably a warm one, nights could be cold!
- CASH, money, whatever you call it! PLENTY!!! (the currency is €uro!). A CC/Debit Card might be easy. There are ATMs. Debit card payments in the shops (village) is possible.
- CASHLESS CARD (the proof you paid for one, and charged it).
It is needed to buy drinks, food, etc. in the infield. (unknown for '22)
- ID!!! EU residents (plus a few other (European) countries) can use their national ID, others need a VALID PASSPORT! (ask your local German Embassy/Consulate what you need for Germany) UK: PASSPORT!!! Sorry Brits, YOU wanted it!
- YOUR HEALTH INSURANCE proof! And for the foreigners, the emergency number you got with it! If you will need medical assistance, you can call that emergency number, and they can tell you what you need to do (in your own language, as it's usually a phone number in your own country, accessible 24/7).
- A KNIFE (preferably a swiss). Remember, NOT allowed into the Wacken Plaza/Festival Infield! You will be checked when entering! Leave it in your tent!
- AUDITIVE PROTECTIONS: to fight against the dB or simply get a good night sleep.
- BEER or any other drink for that matter. NO GLASS ALLOWED!!!
- CAP or SOMBRERO for your heads when it's warm.
The same goes for:
- the other way around. A GOOD PONCHO or RAIN COAT!
- TOILET PAPER. or KLEENEX ! Note: Kleenex is multifunctional. And it's more discrete than toilet paper.
- EXTRA CLOTHES! If only if you have an "accident", or just for the return.
- ANTI MOSQUITO CREME or anything like that. Attention, this is NORTHERN Germany, sandwitched between the Ostsee and the Nordsee! Plenty of water, so plenty of those stupid bloodsuckers.
- SHOWER GEAR: baby towels, or soap, whatever you like.
- Useless for those who are listening to the music 24/7, the rest better think of CONDOMS, one will be given probably. You never know what might eventually going to happen! ;) Besides, it's a good protection against STD's and AIDS!
- WARM CLOTHES. Warm days don't always include hot nights!
- TOOTH BRUSH (and paste)!!!
- For those who need them, GLASSES of course, but also CONTACT LENSES. always have a extra pair, in case of a loss or damage..
- To protect the latter, A BOX for said glasses/lenses.
- Also, for those who need them, YOUR MEDICATION and ALLERGY CARD/CERTIFICATE! (thanks Zachia)
- A PEN/STIFT/PENCIL. To write the number of that beautiful/handsome creature you just met.
- CELL PHONE CHARGER. You will always see the damn battery dies while you are writing the number of the above mentioned handsome/beautiful creature. :(
- For those who use a prepaid cell phone, CREDIT bought in advance, so you can charge it! You cannot charge your credit with foreign credit charge tickets. (if you live in Germany, and/or have a German cell phone number, then you can go to the gas station, Edeka, a news paper shop, or maybe there's a stand in the festival itself)

-For the female gender :
- TAMPONS, NAPKINS and all other protection for those inconveniances.
- THE PIL. Note it's an anti conseption. Nothing more. it won't help against STDs and AIDS. See above with condoms.
- LIPSTICK. For the female signature.

-For the male gender:
- RAZORS or anything you want to shave yourself with, that is, if you want to.
- AFTER SHAVE! (always handy)

-For those who drive by car
- WARNING VEST (FLUORISED) AND FIRST AID KIT! They are compulsory in Germany! Check your car service agency for other eventual obligations in the countries you're travelling through. And check the different traffic laws as well. (e.g. speed limits) (Tnx Zachia) Remember, in the European continent, we drive on the RIGHT side of the road. If you're from the UK/Ireland/Cyprus, check your head lights and have them adapted to right driving. (so we don't get blinded by the light)
- For the international drivers, car help service from your OWN home country of residence. Some allow ADAC to help you out.
- AND MAKE SURE THAT YOUR CAR IS INSURED! (in your home country!) It is against the law to drive without insurance, that also applies to Germany!

-For those who take the train
- TRAIN TICKETS and all reduction cards you can find!
- Eventually: ID if you bought an age restricted ticket, or as ID for the DB online tickets.
- TAGS. Some countries do oblige you to tag your luggage on high speed trains. (e.g. France)

-For those who are flying
- TAGS (to write your name on it)
- YOUR PASSPORT, a valid one. Eventually a visa, if needed for the SCHENGEN area. Info at your local German Embassy. (or the first EU country that you try/need to enter)

-For the handicapped people:
- ALL STUFF FOR YOUR HANDICAP! (those things you need in your normal daily life, you know best what it is)
- A CERTIFICATE OF YOUR HANDICAP, given by the state, which proves your degree of handicap. This can be an ID card in one state, or an attestation in another state. A card for handicapped persons companion (which you e.g. use in public transportation) might do it too mostly! This allows you to bring in a guide for free! Just make sure it is written in either German or English! Any other language might be problematic. I found out myself in 2014. (thank goodness, my attestation was in German, but my "handicapped person's compagnion" card was in French only, and it was not understood)
- EU Disability Card, issued only for EU residents. Note that not all EU countries are participating yet! Nonetheless it is a valid proof.

- AIR MATRASS: just to isolate, or sleep more confortable.
- A PUMP: to pump up your air matrass. :ugly:
- ICE, unless you like warm beer, or you're smarter..
- "BANANA", LITTLE BACK BAG, BAG etc. To put your stuff in it..
- TORCH type dynamo but with batteries is fine..
- A TRAVEL PHARMACY: the essential, bandage, desinfected towels etc. aspirines (headache), smecta or arestal 1mg (bellyache)
- PLASTIC BOTTLES, though the orga has enough of them at the entrance of the camping.
- A HAMMER, so you can smash your tent pins in the ground.
- For those who arrive on an organised trip: PHONE NUMBER OF THE CONTACT PERSON of the travel agency.
- CIGARETTES, TOBACCO, ETC... For the smokers only, of course.
No selling of any kind, except maybe one disgusting brand, The gas station in the Hauptstraße sells a broad gamme of tobacco/cigarettes. Note: Think of a spare lighter. Those things tend to end in the middle of the night. (for sale on the supermarket on the camping I reckon) If you own a ZIPPO, think of fluid.
- While we're at it, a POCKET ASHTRAY, filters tend to "live" long after you ended them.. A empty box of Tic Tacs does miracles.
- FOLDING CHAIRS, whatever you like.
- CHECK-LIST with useful addresses in Wacken/Holsteniendorf/Gribbohm etc.
Imparative to look them up through the internet, and PRINT THEM AT HOME!!!
- The RUNNING ORDER printed in multiple copies or plastified
- BLOOD TYPE card, in your wallet. Pessimists, their donor cards as well.
- FORC and KNIFE and PLATE, in case your neighbour(s) invite you for a BBQ.
- GARBAGE BAGS, useful to create rain coats.
- CHATTERTON, or anything that repairs your tent, or actually anything. DUCT TAPE also does the trick...
- PHOTO CAMERA: Iphone, digital, disposable, sophisticated or not, all depends on your budget and/or your passion of making pics of bands and memories of Wacken. (Good or bad) But be aware, some cameras are NOT allowed in the infield!
Also think of BATTERIES and MEMORY CARDS, if needed. DIFFICULT to find those. (Batteries, type AA(A), relatively easy, gas station)
- Depending on the weather conditions, boots or light shoes. This depends on the weather conditions, once again. It can "freeze" it can be hot!
- EXTRA BATTERY for your cell or camera (if possible)


- PILLOW: more confortable, some can be pumped up. Costs a bit.
- A light board, or a flag, to recognise your tent.
- A portable batterie charger. It can charge your camera (through USB/mini USB) or your cell phone. Don't forget that this battery is way lighter, and needs maybe recharging itself! This may depend on its power.
- CHAIN, or comparable, to get your wallet fixed onto your pants, belt, etc. Against pick pockets. (they're everywhere, and no, it's NO guarantee they won't steal your money!!!)
- FOLDING TABLE. (if you are by car), with integrated chairs.
- LOCAL STUFF (if by car, not by plane!!!)
- SHOPPING BAG: we have one, why pay or pollute?
- RADIO or CD PLAYER, remember however, prohibited during the night ! On the same note, don't forget to bring an airhorn and megaphone and some sorta stupid costume/get up so you can walk around the campsite thinking you're the funniest fucker at the festival. (thx Zombi :D)
- War Paint (to paint your face FOR the pit. (Thanks T-Lex)
- Face mask, if too much dust. (Thanks Cyanovirus)

I am sure I forgot things.
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W:O:A Metalmaster
8 Mai 2012
Donˋt forgetyour daily medicine .( if you have one...)


W:O:A Metalmaster
10 Jan. 2002
Edinburgh, Scotland
don't forget to bring an airhorn and megaphone and some sorta stupid costume/get up so you can walk around the campsite thinking you're the funniest fucker at the festival.


Der Beste
19 Juli 2004
Best, Nederland. Jetzt Belgien
" - SHOWER GEAR : baby towels, or soap, whatever you like. "

what is this? haven't you been informed that taking a shower is not metal?

I can tell you, it was a great feeling having taken a shower on Saturday. And at least I smelled a bit fresher on Sunday on the train.

Nonetheless, you're not obliged to follow my list. :p

(en heer AP, babydoekjes kunnen een complete douche vervangen! Als ze goed genoeg zijn om de stront op te ruimen, zijn ze ook goed genoeg om je gezicht er mee af te vegen/wassen. ZONDER water! :p)
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W:O:A Metalhead
10 Apr. 2015
Thanks for putting this up :)
Will be referring back to it when i sort a list encase i forgot anything, but you did miss out war paint for the pits :p