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    Hey guys :D

    I'm looking for some staff for my website, the Metal Travel Guide.
    For those who don't know it - the Metal Travel Guide is a worldwide directory of metal pubs, clubs, venues, shops and festivals.

    The whole thing is just becoming too big for myself, and the 3 people who are helping me already are also not able to cover all fields which are needed.

    Okay, so this is what I'm looking for:

    - one or two PHP programmers, who are preferreably familiar with Mambo/Joomla and phpBB.
    The main job would be to help me setting up the whole page through a Content Management System.
    As I already have worked with Joomla a few times, I'd prefer to use this CMS, but Typo3 or similar would also be a possible choice.
    I am able to setup Joomla by myself and make the templates, but the PHP guy would have to modify a restaurant directory component and help me to put all my data base contents into the Joomla data base structure.
    For more info about this, just send me an email/PM.

    - besides, I am looking for editors / correspondents who help us to keep the whole page up to date.
    Preferrably this should be people who are able to speak any other language than English and German and who have fun to do some (online) research in the scene in the respective country.

    We do have someone for Germany (myself), Holland/Belgium, England and a guy from Israel who speaks also Russian, but it would be cool to have editors for all other countries as well.
    My idea is, that everyone would just choose a country and would be responsible for that part of the website.
    Most extensive countries are Germany, USA and Spain. All other countries are not that bad, as we don't have sooo many addresses there.
    So if everybody would only be responsible for one or two countries it wouldn't be too much work for every of us.

    As often, I can't offer any payment at the moment, besides fame and glory "in the Name of Heavy Metal" ;)
    There are some plans to earn money with the page though, but I can't promise anything right now.

    But, this one is not the x-thousandth online mag with reviews & co, but something more unique.
    And for those who love to make interviews and so on – an interview section is also planned, something like "metal VIPs are recommending their favourite pubs". More ideas for some more magazine-like additional content are welcome!

    Okay, so if you are interested, please contact me via PM or email:

    Thanks for reading, I'm already curious about you! :)

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