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  1. berserkur

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    16. Dezember 2002
    I wrote this in another forum and thought I´d bring it here

    hello my name is Bessi and I live in the West side of Reykjavik( the oldest part of town) in Iceland and I dislike the weather here pretty much(especially the wind) and the prices are high + there could be more trees here, but I think the nature can be awesome and we enjoy pretty high living standars here
    age : almost 23(tomorow) ( fuck I feel old and like I haven''t done anything with my life!) I live with my parents and 2 siblings.

    I´m working part time at a mental asylum and studying spanish(god knows why... didn´t know what to do after high school/gymnasium... ) I might want to study to become a nurse in couple of years( haven´t got any better idea!)


    music:among my favorite artists are: Vintersorg, Borknagar, old Black Sabbath, Slayer, Soilwork, Devin Townsend, Opeth, Pain of salvation, Enchant, Dream Theater,Iced earth, Moonsorrow, Nevermore, In flames, old Metallica, Böhze onkelz, Pantera, Sonata Arctica...
    beatles, ocean colour scene, travis, Nick Cave... nowadays it´s 90% metal
    my CD collection is growing fast and it´s becoming a problem!

    languages :
    can speak some german (make people understand me),
    danish hmm.. (I´ve forgotten much of it + Danes are incomprehensible in speech, we are obliged to learn it here in school) a little swedish( I think it´s much clearer than the other nordic languages) spanish: it´s far from perfect though, french: forgotten most of it, english fluently

    I´d like to ride my bicycle, hike ,mountain climb, play football, excercise more often. however I´m lazy as fuck!
    I sometimes watch football but I´m not always enthusiastic about it mostly the english league; I kind of support Chelsea/ Newcastle
    I´d like to know how to ski and skate

    seeing movies:
    there is so much crap out there and it´s expensive so I prefer to rent them

    I´m a frequent visitor to the icelandic metal webboard/zine and sometimes write album and gig reviews and bring the latest news in metal... sometimes I think I´m a net junkie

    I like chicken and indian food, chocolate .. cant think of anything more

    I love to travel It just brings meaning to a monotonous life. Lack of money, friends and initiative on my behalf hinders my to go all over the place...
    I want to go on interrail, work in Scandinavia via nordjobb, live in Sweden or Spain, himalayas, South America, Australia, America/Canada among other things

    reading: I could read a lot more, I am frequently to lazy to just start and there is tons of books I want to read like novels, philosophy, history ,poetry, religion, travel literature,
    some magazines I like are terrorizer+ national geographic

    going out occasionally I´d like to go out with friends but all the bars are boring filled with smoke and crappy music, instead I go to metal gigs nowadays and quiet cafeterias and don´t drink that often ( and not heavily) . there are no metal bars here

    sleeping and doing nothing:
    argh I´m wasting my time but it feels good!

    politics: I consider myself to be a liberal socialist/leftist, I feel that the state has some obligations to do to make society more humane concerning infrastructure, health care, schools and helping those in need... and I feel people are free to do whatever they want except hurting others. I believe in tolerance & people, "violent" music lovers and fundamentalist can and must coexist *cough*
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  2. Sodomy&Lust

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    13. April 2002
    Hi, there!

    I'm a spanish guy named Pablo, and since 30.September I live in Braunschweig (Germany), in a shared flat with Mosherqueen (another forumler) and with a german guy called Stephan.

    Because I'm very simple, I don't really have many things to say here. :D

    Right now I'm studying Information Technology (11th semester), and I'm also trying to improve my German, but I've chosen a town with shitloads of spanish people...... :rolleyes:

    Sports: going to festivals/concerts

    Sex: not very often, to be honest

    Languages: Spanish (mothertongue), English (far from being perfect, but I can survive in England on my own :D) and German (still awful, but it'll get better soon). I can understand a little of Portuguese, Italian and Catalan, due to the existing similarities.

    Alcohol: Yes, I like it, but no whiskey, please :)

    Political ideas: not many. I just despise right-wing parties and every kind of intolerant people. I also hate monarchies.

    Religion: luckily my parents are atheists, so I haven't even been baptized. Therefore I'm atheist as well.

    Music: I prefer aggressive music (thrash-death) but sometimes I listen to softer music like My Dying Bride, Anathema, The Who, etc......

    Jobs: I worked in a zoo during 3 or 4 days (2000) and in the library of my university during 2 months. I've also been a maths and phisics teacher in the last years. After xmas I'll start looking for some job here in Braunschweig

    University: that's where I must go right now. So see you later :)
  3. Thordis V.

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    25. November 2001
    Ok, it's my turn!

    My name is Birgit, I'm Austrian, aged 21; I was born in Linz and I'm still in here. This city is at the Danube and very beautiful, having 186.000 inhabitants. I like it here very much. I live in a nice quarter at the northeastern of the city next to the university. The flat I share with my b/F and 2 guinea-pigs is big and cheap, on the 8th floor with a wonderful overview over the city.

    I study Social ecomomics in Linz (1st semester) - sometimes it's exhausting but I like it.


    Music: Mainly I prefer Thrash and Death Metal, but also bands from other genres. To name some: Warmonger, Laniena mentis, Inhumate, Disbelief, old Sepultura, Slayer, .....
    But not only that: Crazy bands like Eläkeläiset or Melt Banana are always welcome. I took singing lessons many years ago, sometimes I play some guitar and bass.
    I like going to concerts and festivals as well.

    Pets: I love my 2 guinea-pigs!! They are named Pablita (after Pablo Picassp) and Bibiana (because she's so vivid)

    Languages: English and Italian. I used to study some Latin at university, my b/f has relatives in Luxembourg so I know some Luxembourgian phrases. I tried French at university for 1 term, but it was really to difficult for me. I understand some Spanish if reading it because I have a child I'm sponsoring for in Bolivia. Rosk, another member in this forum translates me the letters I write to her so I get some ideas about the language itself.
    A good friend of mine and I want to try a Chinese course next winter term :D

    Cooking & Dining: I love cooking! That's why I'm growing fat now ;)
    Eating in a restaurant is ok to me, too. I prefer chinese and japanese kitchen.

    Sports: To be honest, I'm lazy. In summer I like swimming, that's all.

    TV & Movies: I don't watch TV very often nor films in cinema. News, soccer, Animaniacs....

    Books: I like reading! But now there's little time for books because I have to read many stuff for my university courses.

    Traveling: I wish I could go abroad more often. Wacken in August and maybe a short trip to Luxembourg... that's all. There's so many things I want to see! Bolivia, Japan, Norway, Iceland....

    Internet: I spend much time in there because many things at university run via Internet. I have a cheap and fast flat rate here. You can find me frequently in here, in (Community for us metalheads) and

    Jobs: In summer I work for EF learn a language as transferguide and I used to work in a call center for some time. Currently I'm looking for a job.

    Religion: Protestant, a minority in here. I'm not very beliving, but I made one of my oral final exams in this subject.

    Politics: I'm very interested. in it. Especially when polls are soon. If there are polls, I work all day as electoral assistant for free. Somehow interesting, my mother does it for years now and asked me to help them. I usually vote for the Green party in here, Socialists are ok to me, too.

    What else to say?!
    I love writing SMS and I need a lot of time for hair care. And I think I'm the most pale in here, my skin is like milk and my hair very fair (white-blonde) but I used to colour them red.

  4. Hammered_gods

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    05. September 2002
    Hey :D:D:D

    My name is Ivana. I live in ugly fucking town called Krupka (about 12000ppl) 20 km far from Germany,other shit is not important cause it really sucks here :D:D:D:D

    Age:I was born 21th January 1986 so find it on your own :D:D:D

    Music:Grind,Gore,Punknroll,sometimes Industrial metal(beware call it goth shit :D:D:D:D)...I dont give a shit about names it must just kick ass :D:D:D:D

    Sports:I did kickboxing, volleyball, ballet and I was allways good at running (middle track 800m)...But I really hate sports..cause I hate routine.
    Anyways I am very good at shooting if I can all that sport :D:D:D

    Languages:Czech, English, I learned German for 7 years and I can tell anybody any single right sentence :D:D:D, just starting with French.

    Religion: Fuck religion :D:D:D Only god over here am I :D:D:D:D

    Politics: Fuck politics :D:D:D Who needs this crap.

    TV: I hate TV, I dont like watching films, sometimes I watch DVDs but jut metal ones :D:D:D

    Jobs: Bah 14 days in emergency office :D:D:D

    Drawing: Used to be my big hobby to draw brutal pictures...but I had lost desire to draw already.

    Partying:Festivals, pubs, home drunkparties...get drunk and doing bullshit and mess around!!!:D:D:D

    Food: Meat,meat,meat...Worse than drug :D:D:D Best way to get sickness caused by eating shitloads of meat...but who gives a fuck about that :D:D:D

    Sex: Pain is very addictive :D:D:D Well the best would be 24 hours of it per day but I dont think that any male would stand that :D:D:D Well on the other side I can live without it cause lot of time is to have boyfriend annoying.

    Freedom: Of everything. Life would have no meaning for me without absolute freedom.

    Internet: Nice thing. But many people use it cause they wouldnt be able to tell something to somebody directly.And it is pity.

    What else?: I am biting person dont bother me too much ;):D:D:D
    About heavy metal:Well all grinders hate heavy metal and some hates black metal also.But I dont say that I have heavy metal, I just found it obsolete:D:D:D But I dont give a shit listen to it is you want to.... I dont even like doom metal. Just what I wrote above on top....cause that means freedom.

    Sorry for those shitloads of smiles, smiling is my drug also :D:D:D
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  5. dittohead

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    04. Februar 2003
    dotti takes the stand.

    My name is dave, I'm british-born with vietnamese ethnics, but speak cantonese, which is not the offical language of vietnam :confused:?,...i guess we moved cos of the war.aged 19; I was born in Tooting, South London and i lived in battersea for 9 years or so...then moved to a wonderful high teen pregnancy rate of Croydon! haha loads of comedians take the piss out of Croydon. apparently it was a village its a little city or a town.

    i dont really like it hear...its too VIOLENT! hell..i dont even like London much anymroe..too ooooo overpopulated,. as Birgit says 6million in Austria and 8million in London! i wanna move away...maybe down south :p

    I will study Software Development and Internet Studys in Luton in Sept 2004. ive been using computers for a very long time...began when i was 8, small type writing back in batteresea, then moved to croydon hada small useable PC..then that broke or something...then didnt use a PC til i was 13 or so.

    Hobbies: guitar playing, drinking, watching DVDs, not-very social, but can be when im drunk :rolleyes:...

    Music: Thrash and Death Metal, Slayer, and DewScented. i prerfer the early thrash and death stuff..thats why i dont listen to many bands ;)
    i used to listen to some chinese pop music. i DID enjoy going to gigs until i went backstage with DS, then went to another regular gig...was boring!! :p

    Languages: i know A LITTLE cantonese, trying to learn german but got used to speaking english.
    (A good friend of mine and I want to try a Chinese course next winter term :D - @Thordis: if ya want i can give you a hand;):))

    Cooking & Dining: I can cook if i need to..anything spicy! my parents own a chinese take-away, so i get regular food pumped into the house, if im too lazy too cook, ill ask them to bring something back...or i make something with whatevers in the house.

    Sports: i tihnk rugby and hockey are BRUTAL SPORTS! but rarely play anything....except guitar:D

    TV & Movies: family guy!!! i like to criticise films...

    Books: schoool books? ahh i had to give those up

    Traveling: ive been to London ~ Paris ~ Berlin ~ Hamburg ~ New York ~ Amsterdam ~ Eindhoven ~ Wacken :p
    haha. i would still like to re-visit berlin, its got an interesting historical features i'd like to see.

    Internet: spamming on the forum and emailing ppl, i have cable internet, i dont pay for shit. so its free for me.
    Jobs: im still looking for a job...have been since Wacken

    Religion: i got this buddha statue downstairs

    What else to say?!
    i recnetly got a new i can call ppl up - NO-INTERNATIONAL OPTIONS! :p washing my hair...etc..

    :D cheers for letting me copy and paste your stuff - its sooo much easier! :p
  6. Zombi

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    10. Januar 2002
    Hello, I'm Zombi, and I don't like giving information out about myself. So I wont. :)
  7. LXE

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    17. Juni 2003
    Hi....My name is Alexis, and I'm an alcoholic
    *Chorus of "hi Alexie!"responds* j/k

    I live near Minneapolis MN, USA, in a house with my two birds across the street from my awsome parents who let me use their internet and eat their food :) .
    I run a small travel consulting and tour company that I just started this year and work temp jobs to get by.
    I love music (metal the most,but a huge variety really), Travel (after college I went to travel school & I've been to about 26 countries and went to school in Venezuela and Mexico a term each so I can get by in Spanish), animals, art, I am into body art and like scarification and giving tattoos (I have all pro stuff but can't draw well enough to get a job in a shop around here).
    In the winter I love to ski (but not in Mn because there are no mountains) and watch football. In the summer I love to camp-out or do anything adventerous and I always love going to concerts and partying.

    I like to watch movies, especially action, sci-fi, comedy and horror.
    I like tv too, especially the Simpsons and Max x and stuff like that.
    Food:Chocolate and Mexican are faves but I love to eat a lot (I generally try to avoid consuming any thing that ever had teeth however......long story)
    Politics: Piss me off so I try to avoid thinking about them.
    sex: F ('fraid not)
    books: mostly travel books lately but dig the sci-fi and steven king
  8. Kate McGee

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    13. August 2002
    As I have nothing better to do right at the moment, I will write something about myself as well...

    My name is Katharina (or, shorter, Katha - I prefer that - but you can call me Kate ;)), I'm 18 and I live in Bamberg in Germany most of the time now. I was born and grew up 60 km north of Bamberg, but now I only go there for weekends or holidays. This is because I started studying psychology here in Bamberg in October. This is a very interesting thing to study, and I got on well with most of the people I met here. Lots of metalheads among them... Bamberg Rock City :) (see sig)

    The only problem with living alone now is my lack of discipline. This refers to washing the dishes or tidying up the room (I live in a small apartment) as well as reading what I'm supposed to read for the university or also to drinking alcohol. Sometimes I fear that all these problems might get worse.

    Music is my life. People have told me that it is my music that they would define me by. I've had piano lessons for 7 years until I was 13, and then I changed this to guitar lessons until last July...had to give this up because of studying...and it is now the third year that I also have classical singing lessons. I think singing is the one of those three things that I can do best and I also like it best. I could not live without singing.
    For a little more than two years I have now been listening to metal...almost any style of it, from classical power metal to black metal and whatever comes across my eyes as long as it is technically done well and is somehow "intelligent".
    I love going to concerts - also folk, especially Fiddler's Green, if anyone of you knows them - but either there are no good bands close to where I am or I don't have enough money at the moment. I love being in Wacken, and perhaps I will go to another festival as well next year. Depends on the bands to come.

    Now that I am in Bamberg I have a cheap and fast internet connection and I am online way too much. But I've found out that the internet is a great place to discuss, have fun, get information and find some nice people to talk to or to meet if it's possible.

    Religion: I was born into a hardcore catholic family. But a time came when I found out that it's complete bullshit they are talking. I would not say that I am an atheist - I think there is something like "god" - but I am kind of anti-christian. (Nice word :D)

    I don't do any sports except some skiing if ever there is enough snow here, but I like walking. I can walk around all day. Perhaps I would like something like trekking trips if I had the chance to do that.

    I hardly watch any TV at the moment because I don't have a TV here in Bamberg yet and when I am at home, I normally have other things to do. When going to cinema, I prefer sci-fi and fantasy movies (LOTR!)...but I rarely go (the last one was Matrix Revolutions and I was kinda disappointed). Perhaps I will go to cinema more often in future, as I have found a very...cineastic (?) friend here who is interested in all kinds of movies.

    I also like driving around with my car :D being allowed to drive on your own is simply cool. Feeling more independent since then.

    Well, I think that's it, for the moment...and it's far too long :D

    edit: Yes, I forgot one thing: I talk too much! ;) Always!

    DISGORGE W:O:A Metalhead

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    18. Mai 2003
    hello, I´m Henrik
    (I´ll make this kinda short)

    I´m 18 years old and I live in a little town in the south of Sweden. The two things that I spend my time doing is listening to music, rehearsing with my band and practicing Tae Kwon Do.

    I play in two bands, one Black/Death Metalband called Aeternitas Nox and a PornoBlastband called Vaginal Repulsion. I do the vocals for both bands and I only do screams or sick gurgling growls.

    As for listening to music I almost only listen to Gore/Death/Grind stuff, the most extreme shit I can get my hands on and Black Metal. But Maiden and Priest still mean alot.

    Best bands: Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Mayhem, Dismember, Marduk, Disgorge, Cannibal Corpse, Morbid Angel, Internal Suffering, Devourment, Angel Corpse, Origin, Leng Tche, Last Days Of Humanity, Nasum, Goratory, Pyaemia, Cinerary, Malignancy, Brodequin, Darkthrone, Dissection, Emperor and more but who the fuck has the energy to name them all?

    I have practiced Tae Kwon Do for 5 years in Bouddha TKD Halmstad and I´ve got a blue belt. In about 4-5 years I´ll have a black belt and I´ll be practicing Hap Ki Do aside from TKD. My aim is to compete in elitelevelcompetitions in Poomse(forms). I practice 5 days a week mostly so I´m giving this all I´ve got.
    So keep your eyes out for me in the olympics 2012 people ;)
  10. Supercharger

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    26. Juli 2002
    Aloha, I'm one of the few Dutch guys around here. Raymond is my full name, but my friends call me Ray. I'm 23 years old and I'm living in a nice studio apartment in the centre of Deventer.


    I used to study History in Nijmegen but I was forced to postpone that due to family stuff. I hope to pick it up soon again and finnish it. At this moment I'm working as a mailman. Ain't really intelligent work, but the pay is fine and I got nice people to work with. My dream job would be being a famous producer/engineer having my own studio and playing in a metalband and making a nice living out of it.


    going out, go to movies, concerts, travelling, swimming, discovering new bands, drinking belgian beer, smoking cigars, swimming and some stuff more. I'm very much into WW I and II as well


    Mostly death and thrashmetal. Currently I'm listening a lot to the Haunted, Arch enemy, Machine head, Pantera, Lamb of God, Invocator, Killswitch engage, Testament, Strapping young lad, Life of Agony, Alice in chains, Anthrax, Control denied, Death, Audioslave, Soilwork, Morbid Angel, Cryptopsy, Suffocation, Immolation and Slayer.


    Dutch is my mother tongue, but I'm quite fluent in English. My German ain't bad either, but I need to practise some more. My French isn't good at all, but I can order a beer in that that's fine with me :D


    i'm not much into cooking but it needs to be done.

    Movies: The Green Mile, Saving private Ryan, Enemy at the gates, Lord of rings triology, Gladiator


    As long as I don't have to do it it's fine with me :D


    Gimme Blackadder, Monty pyton, Allo Allo and I'm happy :D
  11. LooseCannon

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    03. August 2002
    My name is Chris.I am 36 years old.I was born,raised, & living in Baltimore,Maryland.I live with my mom(because of finances).My parents are divorced(in '89).I have a younger sister.

    I was a laborer in a pallet warehouse up till Aug. of this year.I'm a part time college student(at night).I'm a Photography Major.

    Hobbies:collected comic books as a kid(still have most of my collection),going to shows,hanging out with my friends, playing my PS2,& watching pro wrestling,(American)football,hockey on TV.

    Besides English,I know little Russian(still learning from my grandmother).

    Music:love thrash,power, death metal, & some darkwave.

    Reading:Anne Rice books,George Carlin's Braindroppings(funny shit),Bruce Campbell's Bio.

    Cooking:I cook like a bachelor(mostly microwave).

    TV:I watch the wrestling shows(Raw & Smack Down),Angel(the vampire show),(American) football on Sun.'s(a HUGE Baltimore Raven's fan),some sitcom's(I like to laugh), hockey, & Brit Sitcoms.

    Movies:I love comedy's,horror, & Sci-Fi.

    & I love Japanese Anime'.
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