Some band suggestions, some questions, and the Dream Theater problem.

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    02. Februar 2004
    First, I'll have to say that the sticky mr.Sedman did, on the current status on all the different bands mentioned on the forum, was very helpful. I want to add some bands to that list (if possible), and would love to hear an eventual status on these bands.

    GWAR (you need some kickass party starters)

    Ephel Duath (Very talented, and very experimental. Could represent a more intellectual side of metal)

    Tourniquet (I don't think to many white metal bands have ever performed at WOA. Would draw some festival goers that definately wouldn't have come otherwise; and it's a good mixing of genres)

    Illnath (Finally a band that could make the danes proud)

    Lumsk (Not very much folk-metal last year... This is probably one of the best)

    Symphony X (Prog power was underrepresented last year as well. In the worst case scenario (that Pagan's Mind can't/won't come), this could be a vey good representative for that genre)

    Meshuggah (Damn good)

    Manowar (We'd all like to see them, right? "Loudest band ever" people, and themselves, say. Well, that should fit very well into the loudest festival ever.)

    And, about Dream Theater... How much do they really cost?
    Cause Dream Theater would be worth a whole fucking lot...

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    sorry - not possible...

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