Seeking for a person(s) in Germany to go to WOA2002 with.

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    27. April 2002
    Hi, my name is Artyom.
    I'm Male 22, from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.
    My favorite bands are Savatage, Helloween, Angel Dust, Blind Guardian, Queensryche, Grave Digger, Annihilator, Great White, Evergrey, Judas Priest, Crimson Glory, Sentenced, Summoning, Axel Rudi Pell, Squealer... etc (do you want me to continue? :))
    I'd like to visit this year's WOA2002 festival.
    But there's one problem. I don't know anyone and anything in Germany. I'd like to meet some nice people, who would like to visit the festival too. It would be also cool if someone could help me in finding some place to live at for those few days of fest, maybe for a week (to see your country), because your hotels are too expensive for a russian metalhead (hehe).
    Please, if anyone can (or would like to) help me, write to me at

    Thanks, Vielen Dank!
  2. Brat

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    26. Februar 2002
    Privet Tyoma (I can call you that?)

    Just about all the information you need to get the Wacken in the the Info section of the left of your screen.

    It sounds like there will be many people coming to WOA solo, but as you can read here, you will be welcomed to join other camps.

    I'll be travelling with about 15 other Australians. No, I'm not from Russia, but I speak it ok, just don't get much practice these days!

    If you look at the other posts we are trying to organise at Wacken forum meeting.

    Yes hotels are quite expensive, but you can always stay at a youth hostel which is much better. There's a youth hostel in Saint Petersburg, so maybe they can give you information on how to join the International Hostel Association and give you more information...otherwise you might have to look up on the internet. But usually, it is better if you join in your own country.


    Brat (aka Natasha)
  3. OAS

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    02. Dezember 2002
    She's right!

    They're cheap. I've take one for 25 euro/day. Yes, and 6 euro/day plus for bed-clothes (real robbing!). So, we have 217 euros for week. Location - Itzehoe (20 kilo's from Wacken).

    Es ist nicht teuer, richtig? (v smysle - nedorogo, tipa?)

    Best wishes,

    P.S. Hey, Brat (aka Natalia), nice T-shirt. Obaldet'!
  4. Carpathian_Wolf

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    21. Juli 2002
    Im always happy to meet new people if you can then i will certianly have some cold beers wih you! :D :D :D

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