Security also dermatologist?

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    04. Juli 2006
    I have just one complaint which pissed me off that bad, that I want vent it here.

    There are already topics on the security, just like the last couple of years, and yeah, they still suck, but what I thought was absolutely fucking ridiculous was that I was not allowed to enter the festival site (after being searched) before explaining what is wrong with my skin.

    So I nicely answered the girl that I have a skinproblem, what kind of problem is none of her fucking business. But that was not sufficient information for her and she would not let me onto the festival ground.
    So I told her that it is not contagious, but she still would not let me in.

    And the nicest thing, when I told her what it is, she did not understand the English word for it.

    What the fuck is that bull shit? Next year you wont be allowed on the grounds if you have a common cold because that is contagious?

    Besides the fact that I was not allowed to take my 1.5l pack of ice tea, even though there were actually people passing me with 2l packs with drinks, I think it is goddamn rude to ask somebody what is wrong with his or her body and even trying to deny acces to the festival grounds because of it.
    I wanted to yank out that hideous piercing of hers...

    had to vent it, not that the orgas will consider other security anyway :rolleyes:
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    08. Juni 2009
    what you can do:

    during the festival

    - Try another entrance

    - Go to the info office, explain your situation and ask for help. They have a link to organizers and security.

    after the festival

    - Explain your situation in detail and give the corresponding security numbers. Chance is high, that they will be punished when multiple instances of misbehaving are reported.

    But you always need the number.

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