searching for people from sweden

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    I´m seraching for some poeple, I met this year: sven, kalle, björn and lenna ( I don´t know, how to write lenna) from sweden. we met at saturdeay at the campingarea. went to our tent and had some wine, beer and a drink called "friese" with wodka and lime. then we went to the stages to watch canibal corpse, where we lost björn, kalle and sven. later we lost lenna to, but I promised to send some stuff to her, so I need the adress :(... you were verry drunken, so if you remember dani and mone from germany, please response. I know, that sven sometimes watches this page, and he speaks a good german too. lenna and me were talking about our parents and stuff like this, and about german christmas-markets and "Glühwein" ;). It would be great to find you and talk a little bit if somebody knows them, please tell them to contact me at
    takk, nanshee
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