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    1. When will this be published?

    I know it is meant to be May but I hope it is son because the suspense is killing me!

    2. When will the rest of the line-up be announced as well, as there are still a lot of addiotions to be made!

    3. Who will be booked to replace Children of Bodom and Enslaved. I hope you have some good (and similar) bands in mind.


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    ...well...good questions....i think Holger is going to answer them in May as you said!
    Children and Enslaved do not have to be replaced, because they werde never booked 100% i think..... the missing 15 bands will apear in the Billing2001 Part on this page when they are confirmed....
    but i think the fact that Holger keeps these informations in mind in this moment just shows that there is a least one or more headliner confirmed an he just likes to play with the community....
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    In relation to your reply, enslaved were confirmed, but pulled out due to booking studio time to record the new album during the time Wacken takes place.

    I thnk that there will be a few big name bands left to be confirmed, who may be Savatage, and WASP, but we shall wait and see.

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    Running Order > End of May also the last bands

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