Rock Machina in Spain before Wacken

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  1. Brat

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    26. Februar 2002
    Last year my friends went to Rock Machina before WOA.

    This year 13 of us (and more to come) are going to WOA from Australia but we also want to go to Rock Machina in Spain, first.

    I have been to but it only has last year's information.

    Does anyone have any information about 2002. I can not book flights until I know the date. There has been a rumour that Stratavarius are headlining, but the Stratavarius site has not confirmed this.

    Any information, or even a website in English would be greatly appreciated!
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  2. gjgbast

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    04. März 2002
    Hi friends!

    The last year i was in Rock Machina too before Wacken, this year im planning the same, so Im from Venezuela...

    About Machina the only band confirmed is RAGE, the dates i think will be 26 and 27 of weekend before Wacken like the last year.

    Greetings from Sout America!!

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