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    auch wenn ich stinkig bin, dass RIOT mal wieder eine Europatour abgesagt haben, hier mal die aktuellsten News:

    SPV - News


    Band diskutiert ihr neues Album ‘Immortal Soul’ – erster Song online

    Das Warten hat fast ein Ende! In weniger als zwei Wochen (28.10.) erscheint das neue Album "Immortal Soul" der US Metal Legende RIOT über SPV / Steamhammer.

    Um den Fans einen Eindruck zu geben, hier schon mal der erste Song "Still Your Man" als Stream:

    ‘Immortal Soul’ wurde eingespielt von TONY MOORE, MARK REALE, DON VAN STAVERN und BOBBY JARZOMBEK – dem legendären Line -Up - welches für die Hammer-Alben ‘Thundersteel’ (1988) und ‘The Privilege Of Power’ (1990) verantwortlich war. Zusammen mit Gitarrist MIKE FLYNTZ hat man sich reformiert und zeigt mit dem neuen Album "Immortal Sin", dass man absolut nichts verlernt hat.

    RIOT sind stolz auf das neue Album - Bassist DON VAN STAVERN meint dazu :
    “Immortal Soul’ picks up where ‘Thundersteel’ left off, 20 years later! It has the same intensity, creativeness and passion that we put into our music. It’s another ball buster and I can’t wait to unleash it on the masses.”

    Gitarrist MIKE FLYNTZ ist genauso enthusiastisch.
    “I have been performing the songs from the ‘Thundersteel’ era for over 21 years. It has been an honour to write and record ‘Immortal Soul’ with Tony, Don, Bobby, and Mark. I am very proud of my contribution to this record and also very proud to play along with such inspirational musicians. I hope everyone enjoys this album as much as I do.”

    Für Drummer BOBBY JARZOMBEK ist “‘Immortal Soul’ eine besonderes Album:
    " For me because in all the years that I’ve been playing and recording various projects, I’ve never been completely involved in any other CD from the very first day of writing, to the very last day of mixing. I’m really looking forward to the live shows, and including some new ‘Immortal Soul’ songs into the set along with the Riot classics!”

    Gründer und Gitarrist MARK REALE lobt besonders Sänger TONY MOORE :
    “To me, the close collaboration with each of our vocalists has always been the decisive aspect in any RIOT release. That’s why it was absolutely inspiring for me at the studio that Tony directly took up many of my ideas and translated them brilliantly, or contributed his own suggestions from which our songs benefited greatly. He is simply the perfect RIOT frontman!”

    Und Sänger TONY MOORE fügt folgendes hinzu:
    “It’s been nearly a quarter of a century since the five of us assembled in New York to create ‘Thundersteel’ and ‘The Privilege Of Power’, and the music world couldn’t be more different. The internet led us not only to discover that those albums had taken a special place in the history of metal, but also put us back in touch – and the result is ‘Immortal Soul’, an album that is 100% true to the legacy of those 1980s recordings. It’s also packed with evidence of how we’ve all grown and changed as artists. It was recorded in five studios, in three different cities, and it’s absolutely a product of the most important changes in the recording industry over the last 20 years. We’re looking forward to sharing the details with our fans and friends around the world, along with the music. Enjoy!”


    "Immortal Sin" Limited Digipak incl. 2 Bonus Tracks (bitte auch angehängtes Photo beachten)

    1. Riot
    2. Still Your Man
    3. Crawling
    4. Wings Are For Angels
    5. Fall Before Me
    6. Sins Of The Father
    7. Majestica
    8. Immortal Soul
    9. Insanity
    10. Whiskey Man
    11. Believe
    12. Echoes
    13. Johnny`s Back (live) bonus track
    14. Metal Soldiers (live) bonus track
    JOHNNY’S BACK und METAL SOLDIERS wurden live aufgenommen beim Sweden Rock Festival am 06. Juni 2009 in Sölvesborg

    "Immortal Sin" wird auch erhältlich sein als Doppel Gatefold LP im farbigen Vinyl mit bedruckten Innentaschen, Standard Jewel Version und Download.

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