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Toffi Fee

W:O:A Metalgod
3 Dez. 2002
MS Holy Slaughterhouse
During the third war, the plauge was spread from Andorhal. But of course anyone who's been to WLP knows that it's in ruins. So where are all these grain crates of evil comming from? I ran stratholme today, we had 3 zombies and 1 living rogue in our group (to open the gates). We went through the entire instance hoping to find maybe a zombie related questgiver or more clues to the plague, but nothing yet. The entire "dead side was friendly to us, save a couple spectral citizens.It was really fun turning the Scarlet Crusade into zombies and watching them kill eachother. We are a world class wow gold store online. We supply cheap wow gold, the cheapest wow gold to our loyal and reliable customers. You may buy cheap wow gold here. There is wow power leveling for sale; you can buy very cheap world of warcraft gold here.WOW news here:

Ja, aber was hat das mit Rechschreibfehlern zu tun? :confused: