Portable phone charger (powerbank)

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17 Juni 2018
Really? Wow security is so tight at Wacken compared to Download

We aren't camping so phone will need to letl for more like 15 hours


Der Beste
19 Juli 2004
Best, Nederland. Jetzt Belgien
I reckon it depends on the powerbank.
I have a small one, with 2cm cable on it, (Fall of Summer Festival last year), and I am almost sure, I can get in the festival area with it.
However, there are always (coffee) stands who are willing to charge your phone as well, provided, you have your own plug (with German plug style (C/F)).


W:O:A Metalhead
10 Aug. 2016
Or go to the supermarket. Buy some beer. Go to the camping area. Ask one of the nice people if you can charge your phone.

if yes: give them a beer
If no: ask the next one.

And of course: Don't use your F*ck#ng phone all day. My phone is in Flight Modus most of the time and i don"t use data @ Festivals.


W:O:A Metalhead
22 Juni 2016
Just charge your phone at one of the charging stations in the infield. there are small boxes that you can rent for a few euros and your phone can be loaded there.


W:O:A Metalhead
I never really had an issue with getting on the festival area with any of my power banks, no matter the size (i.e. 20000mAh, 5200mAh). The Festival ABC doesn't mention power banks / batteries at all so my guess would be that they are not forbidden (==allowed) but my 15 years of WOA experience tell me "it depends". To be more precise it depends on the security guards at the entrances. Not all of them are well informed and some like to play "big tough guy / I am the boss" and will arbitrarily tell you that any random item is not allowed. If so, just try at the next best security guard.
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17 Juni 2018
Thanks. I would have thought they would have mentioned if prohibited but I've not n been to Wacken before and it seems there are far more restrictions than the other festivals I have attended (that's an observation rather than a whinge).

Despite what some people have assumed, I'm not someone who spends gigs with my face glued to the phone screen (I don't even use social media these days) but the festival app is useful and as my German is poor I shall be relying on Google translate some of the time. It's also useful if get separated from friends not to mention in an emergency.