Pol‘and‘Rock Festival

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W:O:A Metalhead
22 Juni 2022
Hey guys, I searched the forum but did not find any information. I wonder if anybody maybe wants to share his/her experiences concernig the Pol‘and‘Rock Festival. I am pretty sure, that some of you have been there before. A friend of mine told me today that there is this festival at Poland with up to 750.000 (I read about 250.000 in 2022, still a lot :ugly:) visitors and free (!) admission. Since I like some bands on the running orders of the past, I am curious to read something about how everything works over there. Is it somehow alike smaller festivals in relation to food and accomodation (camping)? Confessed to my shame… I did not now about the existence of this festival before. :rolleyes:
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18 Nov. 2013
Well, one guy started it as a thank-you for all participants in WOŚP charity action. A good place to drink, meet new people, get robbed/laid/s--theaded and so on. As for lienup they try to catch some bands from WOA, but there's one big stage (no security in front) and one small stage, so don't expect many bands. Also in 2022 they changed the venue again.