Please help us... who made fotos of our chaotic, mad, weird tin-drum and flute action

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    05. August 2003
    Hi Metalheads,

    saturday we (an absolutely mad group of franconians - not France, it's a part of Bavaria ;-) - and some other "nations") marched with a small "band" over the camping areas and the entrance-area of Wacken. We played with a self-constructed tin-drumkit, a wooden flute, and singing Indian-like. I don't know who had the idea to do such a weird stuff. It was a lot of fun, and that's what counts.

    Now I have the idea to construct a small website about this fun. Plaxing the flute I couldn't make fotos, of course. A lot of people made videos and fotos.
    Please help me, help us, to get some nice pictures of the action for our website. Of course we can note all sources of fotos...

    The domain is

    My E-mail-addy:

    Up the irons and greetings to all Wacken-addicted metalheadz...


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