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    I have been on percocet for about a year. I have been taking anywhere from 1-3 percocets as need for chronic pain from many autoimmune diseases--including trigeminal neuralgia and neuropathy along with lupus.
    Lately I have been taking two to three a day. 2-3 percocet a day isn't a high dose. You're best bet is to ask your doctor. People taking butalbital (same active ingrediants--just time released) are taking a lot more oxycodone than you are. But then they do get addicted. Even a few percocets a day can cause a dependence--probably more mental than physical.
    I would say your choices are:
    Cold turkey--have you tried it? You could always go to cvs pharmacy (NA) meetings for emotional support.
    Reduction--every few days cut your intake by half a pill tramadol.
    The Immodium cure. A little known fact about Immodium (loperamide, a derivative of demerol) is it relieves opiate withdrawal symptoms--all the while producing absolutely no "high." I learned this from the manufacturer's literature about the drug when it first came out. I tried it. It car insurance worked! I had a eight year codeine/pain pills habit. I was up to 40-50 Tykenol 3s a day, or 15-20 percocets. I found about 25 Immodium tablets completely relieved the withdrawal symptoms without producing any other effects. I found dosing twice a day was all I needed. I then tapered down from there and got off all the pills. Constipation wasn't a problem since my body was used to large doses of narcotics anyway. And with Immodium you don't flexeril need a script.

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