People camping near the main entrance!

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    13. August 2006
    Hello all,

    Looking for any contact info on the people I spent most of my time with in W:OA. 4 German guys ("Borp" among them, the brutal german in a Gorgoroth wifebeater), 3 swiss guys and 1 girl and a german with ties to Denmark. We camped almost right outside the main entrance, the one everyone on foot came through, with ticket booths and all (and "NO AUSGANG!" as the rude german told my drunken self several times).

    I completely forgot to get your emails :(. I'm the Finnish dreadlock guy traveling alone.

    P.S Hilke didn't show up or then she showed up way, way late. I had to take one of the last buses out :D (and I lost my bloody trash ticket which was my bus money, but that's another story)... if you guys read this and know any email addies of either Hilke or her friends I'd appreciate that as well. I wish to sort the ride-issue out ;)

    P.P.S Sorry in advance for my poor memory of names, I always remember faces but never the names :(
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