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    24. November 2001

    First of all sorry that I use this Message Board for my own Promotion, but somehow this News must be spread...

    We from Metalcoven Webzine (www.metalprovider.com/metalcoven) have finally released our first Sampler! The "Metalcoven Compilation No.1" features 15 glorious Songs of pure Underground Metal with a total playing time of nearly 74 Minutes!

    It'll be released on CD-R with a copied, 4-page B/W-Booklet + Backcover, but there're no Pirate Copies on it! From all Bands and Artists we've got the Permission to use their Songs.

    Here's the Tracklist:

    01.) Stone Vengeance [USA] - Touched and Paralyzed (US Heavy/Speed Metal)
    02.) Majesty [GER] - Son of Metal (True Metal)
    03.) Art of Fear [AUS] - Pride of Creation (Power Metal)
    04.) Emerald [CH] - Shadowknight (Melodic Heavy Metal)
    05.) Twisted Tower Dire [USA] - When the Daylight Fades (US Epic Metal)
    06.) David Neil Cline [USA] - Fate of Pain (US Heavy Rock)
    07.) Goddess of Desire+Sascha Maurer [NL] - Infinity (Heavy Metal)
    08.) Shadowlord [USA] - Ceremony of Fire (Power Metal)
    09.) Alchemy X [USA] - Alchemy (Progressive Metal)
    10.) Double Diamond [BEL] - Metal rules (Heavy Metal)
    11.) Born of Fire [USA] - In the End (Progressive/Power Metal)
    12.) Mythra [UK] - Fear and Loathing (NWoBHM)
    13.) Metal Inquisitor [GER] - Beware (Heavy Metal)
    14.) Angus [NL] - Warrior of the World (Heavy Metal)
    15.) Wizard [GER] - Ultimate Warrior (True Metal) <--- BONUS-TRACK

    So, if you'd like to experience some cool, promising Underground Acts, than contact us at metalcoven@gmx.de and order our Sampler. We'll sell it inside of Germany for 5 Euro, inside of Europe for 6 Euro and outside of Europe for 7 Euro. All Prices include P&P!

    So take your chance and support the Underground!

    See you

    - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
    Metalcoven Webzine : www.metalprovider.com/metalcoven
    US Power Metal Gods : www.metalprovider.com/overlorde

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