Old Thrash Metal

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  1. Svartsinn

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    10. April 2002
    Just wondering if some of you guys in here
    are in possession of some old Thrash Metal
    stuff and perhaps wants to get rid of it
    (not likely though, but I'm asking anyway)
    Cd or LP

    We're talking stuff like:

    - Deathrow (Riders Of Doom and Life Beyond)
    - Nuclear Assault (Survive and Handle With Care)
    - Dark Angel (Time Does Not Heal and We have Arrived)
    - Flotsam & Jetsam (Doomsday For The Deceiver)
    - Xentrix (Shattered Existance and For Who's Advantage?)
    - Agent Steel (Skeptics Apocalypse)
    - Watchtower (Energetic Disassembly, Control And Resistance)

    Most of these are ranging from hard to very difficult to find (at least the original releases) There are alot more I need, but these are on the no.1 wish list!

    I would also like some recommondation from you who have a lot of Thrash or heard thrash that is similar to the bands above. I've got a lot too, but never enough is seems. I've been collecting other kind of Metal for a while now, but I'm back on thrash again.

    Ok, let the thread begin

  2. Suwarin

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    26. November 2001
    Maybe you should check out Evil Dead
    What about Exodus, old Kreator Stuff, Old Sodom Stuff, Forbidden,
    Wehrmacht ( I know the name Sucks but anyway had some nice Albums- like Beermacht), Piledriver, Exhorder(not sure on the spelling with this one), some of the D.R.I. and Accüsed stuff.(I know a lot of people count it as hardcore but check it aout anyway) etc..

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