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    where was he?? he wasn;t at the signing sessions : ((

    well.. wacken was KILLER!! next year some more black metal : )

    Vintersorg was cool....
    Therion was KILLER!
    Behemoth was.. overcrowded but cool...
    Dark Tranquillity was not so good...
    Nightwish... : A playbackshow.. they sucked..
    Opeth... : KILLER~!!!!!!!!!!! best band in the world..

    see ya next year!

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    ....only too bad that the Opeth gig was completely ruined by the sound from Hammerfall playing on the main stage at the same time! :-(

    /Black Metal Bjørn
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    Nocturno Culto from Darkthrone was at the signing session, but the guy looked like a child =) Short blond hairs, compared to the pictures of Darkthrone, it was very funny =)
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    Thats right!

    Hammerfall sucks, @!#$ beer-can-poser!
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    mmm that sucks...i wanted to see mister Nocturno culto :)

    and nightwish sucked!!!!!!!!! very fucking much... no more powermetal @ wacken..

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    Hey people!!! I want all of you to help me!!!

    I`m looking for somebody named Mathias, coming from SWEDEN,
    (I don`t know the town, he`s living in, but it`s about 100 km near STOCKHOLM)
    We first met, when Nightwish was playing.
    Mathias had been there together with some friends (Lina...Janosh...)
    He´s 21 years old, about 1,8 m , with long blond hair and a beard.
    I also know, that he`s going to study philosophy.
    So it`s very difficult to me finding him and I`m very proud of you and I`d be
    pleased if theres someone, who can give me maybe his town, his adress or something
    else that brings me a step nearer to him.
    Thanx so much...Susi!!!

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