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    Warthog schreibt nen Text für die Uni, und braucht Meinungen von Europäern zu seinem Präsidenten.

    Hier der Originaltext:

    Hi all,

    I have to write an essay for a college course about how Bush's foreign policy has affected U.S. relations with Europe. I was hoping some of you could share your thoughts about what you think of him, his actions in Iraq, his public image, and how he has changed your view of the United States and Americans as a people.

    I'm just looking for some quotable material, and thought maybe my WOA forum friends could help! If you have anything to share, even just a sentence or two, I'd really appreciate it! Feel free to be offensive if you feel that way. Please post here or email me at

    And can anyone post this in the German forum? Thanks!!

    Ihr könnt entweder hier antworten oder drüben in seinem thread:
    Your thoughts about Bush.

    Danke sehr!

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