Met at Black Stage, waiting for Children of Bodom, but got lost in the crowds....

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    16. August 2004
    I don't quite know, if you're German, so I'll try in Englisch.
    During the Helloween show we both were securing our places in the front rows of the Black Stage. It seemed as if we kind of liked each other...
    I'm the one with the Follow the Reaper longsleeve, the one who didn't say a single word all over the time. To my excuse, my voice left me during
    shouting along with Amon Amarth the night before. When Alexi finally entered stage, you somehow disappeared.....
    After the gig, I returned to the front-stage area, hoped to find you, but only missed the autograph session of COB instead.
    So, hopefully you're going to read this and at least write me a line or two.

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