I have a plea referring the Metal-Cup

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  1. Thordis V.

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    25. November 2001
    In the next hours, I'll plan the exact playing times and then discuss them with the other organizers and asap publish them.

    After publishing, I don't want that my mail and PM-Box is filled with complaints, like it is now every now and then. If I remember right, I wrote in one of the very first threads that we will play Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

    See: http://www.wacken-open-air.de/vforum/showthread.php?s=&threadid=96964

    And I will - as I've often told - look that Friday will be as much free as possible.But waht makes my angry is that for 3 weeks I always get complaints 'I don't want to play there and then' (even if the time is not fixed yet) - I think the conditions were clear from the beginning.

    So that's all for now.
  2. Fallen_Knight

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    22. Mai 2002
    hmm I am everywehre... or something....

    Am I the only player talking to the organizers?

    Too bad only 12-13.30, 16-18on thursday... hmm
    I hear you Thordis tries getting more time... you are good!
    keep trying *bows*

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