How availiable are drugs at the W.O.A

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    i am going. and to be very honest. i want to know how availiable drugs are (pot,ecstacy) at the w.o.a. . im sure everyone will be doing them . anyone who has gone in the past, How tight is security ??. let me know.
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    Ecstasy ??????? Maybe you should go to a techno-event.

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    Who the hell needs these Chemicals?

    You could take a Magnum instead and blow your head away
    Same effect

    @!#$ the Drugs

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    Alcohol is the root of all evil,
    and a man needs roots.
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    Who needs the technoposer xtacy bunch of bravo sierra ????
    Have a beer or get some ass and f*** the @!#$ outta her !!
    Choose some nice background muzak (preferably sfu or should I say half feet under HAHA !! )
    an let it come !


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    Losers like you should better
    give ´emselves the golden shot.
    DUST OFF, Sucker!!!
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    I partyed the whole wacken without chemicals, I just had Beer n Whiskey and I had a great time!!!
    @!#$ CHEMICALS !!!!
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    Du wirst wohl kaum jemanden finden der auf nem Metal Festival xtasy dealt aber Gras rauchen jawohl alle man kann es also auch kaufen.
    Und nimm was du willst nur nerv mich nicht wenn du nen scheißtripp erwischt ;)
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    All Drugs suck..... Even Alkohol and Nicotin ;-)
    But alcohol, nicotin and week i can accept ;-)
    I damn all the other Drugs.

    On wacken were alot people from the netherlands... so what do you think how easy it is to get some weed ? I dont think many people dealt, but if you ask nice you can have a blow ;-) (I campt on Camping Site B, there were alot people from the netherlands....)

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