h8 new Metal & share your ICQ#

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    Hi there

    I just thought to sign this great Forum, finally!
    Are out there any Metal Heads which owns ICQ ?
    Girls or guys... doesnt matter, just to have some kewl chats!

    my ICQ#: 106151666 ...contact me!

    Well I was at WOA 2000 and 2001 I have to say I really enjoyed the time, out of the reality
    and out of the all day.... Wacken is really great!

    and what do you think about <b>New Metal</b>?
    I mean slipknot and Limp Bizkit and crap like that.
    I hate those teenies which mean they listen to Metal if
    they like Slipknot and stuff.. this make me so angry!
    But they have no plan about the real Music, they just listen to it
    to be cool or so.. but Metal Means freedom, you have to breath Metal and you have
    to feel metal.. I bet lots of you know what I mean :)

    hails and greetings

    Dave aka Tjodalv

    <img src ="http://www.badlands.f2s.com/Dave/logo_satani.BMP">

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