Disorganization, no signs, no lights and poor assistance at the show

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    05. August 2015
    Firstly, I need to say, I understand and sympathize that the organizers had there hands full with the amount of rain that you got in such a short period of time. I feel sorry that you had to deal with that. However, there is no excuse for bad organization and planning, with no contingency plans in place to deal with problems, after 26 years of doing this I would think you would have to down to a science, but apparently not. I know this year seems to have been the worst in history due to the rain. There should have been more wood chips placed everywhere, 6-8in of mud in places is crazy! And as you will see below this caused more headaches especially when it got dark.

    Secondly, why on Earth was the place to get into the show and the place to get the wrist bands in completely different places??? We waited in line for an hour to get in and then finding out that we were in the wrong place to get the bands and had to walk all the way around. We were not the only ones! Where the bus dropped us off and the place to get in was close by, but the place to get the bands was on the other side. It was already difficult to walk through the muck, why weren't the two together or provided at each entrance? I talked to many people at the show and many of them had been to the festival many many times and said usually in years past there was not this problem, they too were displeased and may not return after this years mess. The fact that the signs were not in the right places boggles the mind. We followed the signs and then they ended at the gate, we figured we could get the bands there, but no!

    Thirdly, why are their no signs and no lights to the buses? There is no road, path, etc. And no one at the show seemed to know where to get to them! Each person we asked gave us a different direction and none of them were right! The security people had no clue, the other staff pointed us in multiple directions, once we started on the trek it took us over 45 minutes to arrive at the bus gates. I nearly broke my leg falling into a shallow revenue that ran through one camp site as there were no lights and the ground was not flat. A very serious problem, dangerous if someone falls and gets hurts. You asked us not to drive and take public transportation but then don't explain where to get buses, how to get to the buses, where the buses will drop us off, there are not signs at night to figure out where we need to get off the bus and where we parked! We had to guess!

    Fourthly, as most of the guests at the concert are German, which is obvious, and the English level of some staff is not that great, the problem is that many of the staff just pointed or said yeah yeah yeah and didn't really try to understand the question. I am not really criticising them, if they can't speak English, I should have learned some German. But I wonder if I would have encountered the same problem due to poor lighting and poor conditions and no signage. I would think most of the staff would know how to get to the buses, especially since the organizers asked us not to drive. If there were signs and lights that would have solved the problem entirely. Only a couple of people were helpful, but we still ended up in the wrong direction as they say go straight for example, but we can't go straight as there are tents directly in the line which they pointed out. Lights and signage would have been really really helpful! We are not the only ones who had issues with this, I met people from all over the world, and Germans themselves who were frustrated and upset with the whole thing.

    Fifth, I would like to see some covered areas at the venue, there was no place to put down a bag for a minute without it getting covered in mud, during busy times in the evenings the beer gardens were completely full, there was no place to sit. There has to be an area that is covered, and with more seats for people to rest and eat without getting wet or burned, depending on the year. This is just a suggestion, not a complaint. Something to consider.

    Lastly, the concert was good, but sadly due to weather conditions, which is out of your control and disorganization made it much less fun than it could have been.
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    05. April 2015
    I guess I cannot agree more with what was said here.. Walking around though the mud was bad enough and not being able to get wrist bands at the main entrance was really a severe oversight on the organizers part.

    No signs, no lights no organization at night, I recall walking at least an hour from the gates to get to the buses, having to walk through the tent areas and nearly killing myself in ditches because I couldn't see anything. And bus system... omg.. dropping us off in Itzehoe and then not being able to find the car because we didn't know which place we got on the bus, no signs, no names, driver didn't know anything, it took us hours to find our car walking around the city. You advise people not to drive in, but then don't provide organization to get back... I don't get it...

    Frankly not sure if I'd like to go back or not, for the money paid for the tickets and traveling all that way, it's quite a turn off.

    It really could have been a much better experience than it was.
  3. Quark

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    19. Juli 2004
    The problems with signs, they make GREAT souvenirs, thus stolen, even before they're hung! (as a mfigure of speach)
    And I don't know if lights can be placed there easilly, as it's a farmer's land, which is used after thefestival for other purposes. (though I wonder what will grow there :ugly:, even corns are gone by now :D)
    Apart from that, I think you're partially right. A bit of more light (if possible) wouldn't hurt, but you could bring your own torches yourself/-ves! The knive cuts on both ways here!

    As for directions by staff, I agree here, but I wonder how well oriented they are themselves, in the middle of the fields, without knowing where the north is.

    Language issues, they will happen, and you will however have to learn to live with it. Not everyone is perfectly quadrilingual, some can't even learn a 2nd language, so you might want to do an effort yourself. (as you said yourself)

    An there have never been covered areas in Wacken. You're in Wacken OPEN AIR! Not in Wacken COVERED AREA! Though, it might not be such a bad idea after all, if it's raining, one could shelter, if it's too sunny, one could protect oneself from the sun. But it has of course a price tag. And we all know who'll pay the price at the end! It ain't me! (as I am not going)
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    06. Juni 2010
    Auf Deutsch: Auf dem Acker wird meines Wissens nur noch Grünsilage produziert - das passt auch vom "Mähzeitpunkt" perfekt zum WOA - erst-Schnitt Mai, Zweitschnitt Ende Juli, dann im September/Oktober der letzte Schnitt.
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    09. August 2003


    I only read "DIO".

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    Ich hör nur Mimimimimimimi
  7. WhereverIMayPost

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    06. April 2012
    I understand the uncomfortable experience (like all of us at some point last year) but the way to the buses was never lighted at night all along, you didn't think about learning the way or doing it at least twice on your way to the village to make sure to find it again?

    Tbh they were adding tons of copper on the festival ground and chasing the mud with broom the morning at 5am we saw it, but with the non stop rain it was only midly useful...

    After all a festival is a lottery of itself when it comes to weather, there's only a limitated amound of measures that can be tacken to stop nature from being nature in a field...

    Good thing you didn't get hurt.
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    23. Juli 2013
    It's impossible to get about 100 000 people under a covered area in a place like that. It was also quite obvious before Wacken that the weather was gonna be shitty, so people should've taken stuff with them that would've made the trip more comfortable for them.

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