! DEATH OF DESIRE feat. Hellhammer, Attila, Psy Coma & Steve Tucker

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    Help Death of Desire get signed to Roadrunner Records

    Here is an awesome way to help out a struggling band that kicks ass! it will only take you 2 minutes and will make a big difference in the future of metal!
    Please sign onto the following link:

    1. In the top right hand corner click sign up and create an account!
    2. Once you fill in the info a link will be sent to your email so you can activate your account… Activate!
    3. You will need to agree to terms and conditions then fill in your basic information.
    4. Once you have saved your edits go to the search field and type Death of Desire!!!!

    5. Click on Artist: Death of Desire – Then you are free to listen to the uploaded material! Then just Like it, Share it, Rate it, and Place a radical comment!

    It may sound like a lot of steps but it will only take you two minutes! Please also encourage your other facebook friends to do the same. The more ratings and comments we get the more leverage we have with Roadrunner Records! Once we sign free beers for all!

    Infernal Hails!
    Dawn Desiree

    for band biography follow:

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    Internet whores.

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