Callenish Circle & God Dethroned

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  1. Iscariot

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    09. Januar 2002
    Yesterday I was at a concert of these 2 bands. I never saw them before but they were just great. Does anybody know these Dutch bands? If not, try to download something about it
    Callenish Circle is a melodic deathmetalband. A little bit like the Gothenburg metal.
    God Detroned is a really good black/deathmetalband. A real live band. I think they played on wacken once before. But really a tip for wacken 2003 (in my Opinion).

    Yes, my first metal related topic.
  2. Lord Horb

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    25. November 2001
    I saw God Dethroned like 5 times, Callenish Cirlce once! I like GD better but CC ruled very very much too! can't wait to see them again in august!!!

    *wears his God Dethroned shirt with pride even though it says "Holland"* ;):D

    Holland has a couple of really good bands anyway... besides the already mentioned ones just hink about Sinister and Severe Torture for instance... total kick-ass bands :)

    and I almost forgot... mighty
    mmmmmm... Anneke... *drewls* :D:D:D:D:D
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