Bogiez Rock Bar and Nightclub, Cardiff. New Venue and Opneing.

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    Bogiez is Cardiff`s Ultimate Rock, Metal & Alternative Bar and Nightclub! If you`re looking for a night out which rocks hard, has an electric atmosphere and some of the most awesome customers any rock, metal and alternative night could have then you`ve definitely come to the right page.
    Bogiez will be offering South Wales a true 100% ass-kicking rock venue, something it has craved, and deserved, for a very long time!

    From Saturday April the 9th 2011 Cardiff's rock scene will never, ever be the same again as Bogiez will become the capital's first full-time Rock Bar and Nightclub, delivering more ass-kicking fury than Yoda with a Double-bladed Light Saber.
    Doors will open that very day at 12pm with the finest beers, quality spirits and an atmosphere that'll make you never want to leave. It's a good job too as when the night draws in we'll be climaxing the day with a trip to the Dark side via an ass-kicking Bogiez clubnight the likes of which the Sith have never seen!

    Bogiez now being a full-time venue it allows so much more scope to really do the hardcore ass-kicking rocker justice on their night out. Live bands? Hell Yeah! Open Mic nights? Just try to stop us! Specialist evenings and a DJ roster of faces you know, faces you once knew and faces you will know? The biggest Zombie breakout of all time couldn`t stop us! We`re going to rock harder, faster and considerably more than EVER before, and we`re hoping to put events on that suit every single one of you with no stone unturned and no rock un-hammered, and if there`s something you think is missing when we`re open and firing on all cylinders you can damn well let us know and we`ll get it fixed!
    Location: Kingsway, CF10 3FD Cardiff, United Kingdom

    For a chance to win a preview of the venue before opening, see

    and to keep upto date on future events follow them on twitter and facebook.!/group.php?gid=2552550128&v=

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