Bloodstock 02 (plus Hello everyone!)

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    28. August 2002
    Hiya all. Firstly i thought id say hello to everyone :)

    Was also wandering if anyone from wrexham\chester area was off to bloodstock this week on a coach or by mini bus?

    Ive had tickets for ages, now it seems my car = broke and i dont have anywhere to stay if i get train down (no trains home at midnight!). No money really to try and book somewhere.

    If anyone is passing through wrexham\chester on their way and has room for 2 metal heads id be your friend for life! Can pay petrol money and buy you some beer etc :)

    If not does anyone know of any places to hang out after its all over? Would need to kill time between festival end and 1st train home!

    Thanks in advance.

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