BILOCATE New Album Title & Track List Revealed, New Track is Available Online

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    05. Februar 2007
    "Sudden Death Syndrome" is going to be the title for the upcoming release of the Jordanian Dark Oriental metal band BILOCATE with the following track list:

    1. Humans And The Dark Affiliation
    2. Blooded Forest
    3. The Dead Sea
    4. Ebtehal
    5. Inoculate
    6. Pure Wicked Sins
    7. The Stone of Hate

    The 3rd track from Sudden Death Syndrome (The Dead Sea) is available online for streaming on the band's official MySpace Page:

    BILOCATE previously released the below news:

    • Jens Bogren to mix and master the album in his studio "Fascination Street Studio" - Sweden
    • Vocals recorded at "in the mix studio" by Eng. Nash Planojevic in UAE
    • Bass recorded at Phexagon Studio - Jordan

    The album cover will be revealed soon.

    More info:
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    24. April 2008
    what do you think of the track: the dead sea ?!

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