Any idea when '09 tickets are for sale?

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W:O:A Metalgod
22 Juni 2005
Almere, Holland
We liepen terug naar "R" toen er iets naar mij werd geworpen. Jij was er nota bene zelf bij!

Ik schrok me de schampelazerus! Maar that's it. Bleek iets van vuurwerk zijn, maar allé, niet gezien. (enkel dat er iets naar m'n kop ging)

o dat, ja stelletje lamlullen... vuurwerk neergooien en dan niet even zeggen dat ze dat doen :/

Sam Przyborowski

W:O:A Metalhead
2 Apr. 2005
saying that its too big though...I was at graspop and that's like 25,000 or something (correct me if I'm wrong) I don't know if it's the size or just the general atmosphere of wacken, but graspop was nowhere near as much fun as wacken, though it did have a way better line-up (imo).

Graspop was at LEAST 50,000 this year. Significantly more people than the year before.

At Graspop I was in the arena most of the time going from one of the Marquee stages to the main stage from midday to about 1 in the morning every day. For me the last couple of years has seen Graspop be the festival I go to to see lots of bands. Whilst at Wacken I still see loads of bands but stay on the campsite a lot with mates I don't get an awful lot of time in the year to hang with. And of course make new aquaintances. Wacken has become a much more social thing for me in the last few years.

Its become increasingly hard to get a good spot to see bands and to be honest, I'd say the layout is not conducive to mega big bands like Maiden. Thats not what I really go to Wacken for.


W:O:A Metalmaster
9 Juli 2002
Mölndal, Sweden
I guess the new people think bigger is better, because they got to know it that way. They don't miss what it was before :rolleyes: Glad for you, you liked it, but many people around here stopped or will stop going to Wacken, because it has gotten too big and the size is the reason, why shit happens like what was mentioned already :(

In 2002 when I started going, with roughly about 40k ppl, I met folks saying it had gotten too big, I didn't think so of course...

Now I say the same :D

Though it's doubled or more, so now I'm right, of course! :rolleyes:
13 Okt. 2007
Boston Area, Massachusetts
No. Only thing they care about is themselves and their fun, at the cost of others. (thanks guys for saving my life in this, you know who you are)
Why would anyone spend the money to camp at Wacken for 3 days just to blow shit up and smash tents when they don't even care about the music? They could just do that in their backyards :rolleyes:. Sucks when a few idiots have to go and ruin a good time for people who actually care.