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  1. D

    Running Order ONLINE & Infos

    You know I would agree with this.. However I I think the other option would be WET stage and tbh that is a flawed stage, it gets far too crammed. If anything the Medieval stage is better as its open and has a lot more space and ways to get to it. Who knows, they might have improved it as a...
  2. D

    Iron Maiden return to Wacken in 2010!

    Might get Bloodbath, they're touring next year!
  3. D

    Setlists! Contribute

    I've been using that awesome site, adding what I knew :)
  4. D

    Gay metalheads @ Wacken?

    I have noticed this too.. And find it funny how the only black people at wacken seem to be working at the toilets... but I did see quite a few black people this year which was great! While on the subject of Wacken minorities.. I saw over (not hard to see over them) 3 midgets/dwarves also...
  5. D

    Setlists! Contribute

    Hallo If anyone knows any of the setlists of bands who played, please contribute! I know a few but not in order.. ~I'd really like to know Rages, Subway to Sally and Gamma Ray. Enslaved 1. To the Coast (I think) 2. Fusion of Sense and Earth 3. Ruun...
  6. D


    Well the past movie nights that have been english movies have been in english at wacken. As its an international festival and the movies are already in english I assume they keep it that way.. If it were a german spoken film I think they would leave it though :p I saw flight 66 at cinema...
  7. D

    Additional news regarding security at W:O:A

    Im guessing this means the festival stage area?
  8. D

    New confirmation for bands on medieval-stage

    Adorned Brood!! Why are these listed as just on the medieval stage and not on the main bands page?
  9. D

    Thin Lizzy cancels all shows for 2009

    I didn't think CoF ever claimed to be BM :p
  10. D


    Said harshly but agreed! I've no interest in wrestling whatsoever, i've paid to go to Wacken for the wacken experience of great bands and atmosphere!
  11. D

    RUNNING ORDER and Tool

    I'm already going to Wacken broke so seeing good bands is the main thing if not drinking myself silly! Hope its sorted. Are the organisers even listening to us? I wouldn't mind so much if they actually gave us feedback on our views or say they will try to sort it... anything to know they...
  12. D


    This is an awesome idea! I was annoyed due to none of last years sets appearing online or on TV compared to 07 but this stick means I can keep some of 09s memories!
  13. D

    RUNNING ORDER and Tool

    Its almost like the Wacken management/organisers have gone on holiday and left Wacken to be organised by people who have no clue about music/metal and what bands shouldn't clash
  14. D

    RUNNING ORDER and Tool

    Jesus. Look at this mess.. How can these bands clash so much? Enslaved, Turisas and Saxon.. . Wacken is ruining the only few bands I want to see this year! :o
  15. D

    Rage - Anniversary gig with special guest

    HANSI!!! Hell this is good.. BG would be even better.
  16. D


    Could be Keep of Kalesin I guess? They would most prob play in the WET tent and theres a TBA in there right?
  17. D

    W:O:A Live Streaming

    I don't think I like Rockalarm.. after 2007 lots of the bands sets appeared on WDR/rockpalast but after 2008 hardly any sets have aired anywhere unless i've not known.. sucks.. wheres all the footage going? (Except for on bands bonus dvds I guess)
  18. D


    Hell i'd be happy with Blind Guardian or Strato, that would make the lineup for me
  19. D

    Grave Digger

    Thats probably why then... damn I would have liked that.. and the other rumours like Stratovarius :(
  20. D

    Grave Digger

    Hmmm... I could have sworn they were playing this year.. I checked running order and they aren't there.. then realised they aren't playing.. What the hell, why did I think they were?! David