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    Eventim tickets question

    Hello, I'm from Holland, and I bought two tickets to Metallica in Oberhausen for may 16th. I can't go anymore unfortunately and so I wanted to sell my two tickets to two fans I know for the original price (I hate selling for huge profits). However, because I ordered with my creditcard, my...
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    Municipal Waste

    Now this is how a good thrash party should be:
  3. B

    witch thrash metal bands will you see at wacken 09?

    Annihilator Anthrax Death Angel Demiricous Destruction Evile Exodus Fueled by Fire Gama Bomb Kreator Machine Head Megadeth Mortal Sin Municipal Waste Nuclear Assault Onslaught Overkill Pestilence reunion Sadus Sodom Slayer Suicidal Angels Testament...
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    Bands bestätigen

    So, Napalm Death. That's the first good deathmetal band. It's actually the first really interesting band, aside from Machine Head and Nevermore.
  5. B


    Push... come on, confirm Slayer. It's about time.
  6. B


  7. B


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    Bands bestätigen

    In Flames confirmed... When do we get some cool straight forward metal? Death, thrash, whatever. It has been pretty dissapointing so far, except for Machine Head. All this folk crap... the rest better be all without pussy flutes and violins please.
  9. B

    Bring Me The Horizon

    NEIN. Leave those emo's at home. Fagband.
  10. B


  11. B


  12. B

    Municipal Waste

    Hehe then I'll help to push. PUSH... Municipal Waste is gonna fuck you up!
  13. B

    Warbringer (JA, noch mal :D)

    Warbringer Evile Municipal Waste Gama Bomb Bonded By Blood Merciless Death Violator Bring them all!
  14. B

    SCOOTER @woa09

    Are we talking about that dance techno bullshit? Then NEIN. This is a metalfest for fucks sake. No need for trance techno pussymotherfuckers whatsoever.
  15. B


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    Bands bestätigen

    What is this shit? Walls of Jerico? Where is the METAL? What a fucking bad start of this "best of" line-up. Machine Head is the only interesting band so far. The rest is all this viking-crap, and now we get shitty core? Where stays the rest? I'm not buying my ticket for this stuff.
  17. B

    Fuck This Pussy Shit bring the HARDCORE to wacken

    All I have to say is: Fuck that pussy shit, keep hardcore out of Wacken, keep it metal
  18. B


  19. B


    Ein richtige push!
  20. B


    All you can do is posting shitty bands or what? First HIM, now this crap. What's next? Disturbed or Tokio Hotel?