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  1. Y

    what's the last album you bought?

    Ozzy Osbourne - "Down To Earth"
  2. Y

    Third band!

    Neither Gamma Ray, Stratovarius or Iced Earth is worth a trip from Norway... But both Gamma Ray and Stratovarius is worth checking out if already there. Still early though, and lots of time to get som kick ass bands to Wacken!!
  3. Y

    A forum game

    Standing of course! Tjodalv or Nick Barker?
  4. Y

    What are you listening to right now?

    I'm listening to Kreator : "Endorama"
  5. Y

    new bands

    Any new bands to be confirmed anytime soon?
  6. Y

    Inferno Festival in Norway this easter.

    I'm going! Gonna be fucking great!!
  7. Y


    Any chance of seeing Lacrimosa at Wacken this year?
  8. Y

    The bandList of past year was better

    Lot of cool bands! I think the band lineup is very promising, still there will come new bands. But with Blind Guardian, My Dying Bride, Immortal and more it gonna be fuckin' great!!!!
  9. Y

    Tristania to Wacken!

    Any signs of Tristania showing up at Wacken?