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    First Time at Wacken! What should I bring?

    having no idea what the weather is gonna be like i think im gonna bring a couple of plastic bags and ilastic (sp!?) bands so if it is muddy i can put them around my feet and ill make full use of the wacken poncho...i actually only have 1 waterproof jacket myself and its massive so im not taking it
  2. A

    Mp3 player concerns

    my mp3 player (30gb microsoft zune) could probably last traveling to and from wacken (from and back to england) but i dont wanna risk losing it which could always happen to im just bring Lemmy's autobiography to read instead
  3. A

    Next Month is Wacken

    man next month! so awesome, tho its still like 6 weeks away i want it to be now man!....well no actually cos ive got a queensryche gig, a maiden gig and an yngwie malmsteen gig beforehand but still haha yeah i have to say im most looking forward to avantasia but theres a good lot i really...
  4. A

    England! (Or UK)

    yep im going flying from heathrow to hamburg via Lufthansa on the tuesday evening, getting one of those metal travel coaches from the airport to wacken going back on the sunday. my first time too, pretty excited i have to tell ya haha
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    Neue Band bestätigt - Avenged Sevenfold

    this is unbelievably gay to be honest... such a trully aweful band who shouldnt be playing wacken. in 5 yrs the festival might aswell be called Download Festival Germany